Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PT with Z!

Yesterday I had Physical Therapy (PT), and was SO PROUD OF MYSELF at the end of it. The kicker was that I couldn't blog last night. Homework has been at an all-time high this week. It's been like that because there's a snow day tomorrow. So, everything was bumped up this week. *grin*

For those of you new to my world, I am in Physical Therapy to work on walking, balance, stretching, and strengthening the legs. I am now working with Z. regularly, who is encouraging me in ways I am pushed beyond my comfort zone. The really cool thing is that I am seeing it carryover into my daily life.

We started with some strengthening exercises, which was REALLY good. It wasn't easy, but I pushed myself on the machines, which was nice. Next up was stepping on the green step. He had me step up on alternate legs, which was easier on the right leg than the left. Not a surprise there, because I'm still working on trusting the left leg. *grin*

He made me a small obstacle course this week, and it was challenging in a new way. At the beginning he had me step OVER the big WIDE step. I asked him if I could step on it. *grin* He said no. So, I turned to him and said, "You want to grab a belt?"

I should stop and explain what I mean by that. At PT, they wrap a belt around me and hold onto it. That way, if I start to fall, they catch me beforehand. I feel better with the belt, and typically whoever I'm with does too.

So, at any rate, Z. agreed that he wanted the belt. After it was fastened to me, we started.

My first time across the WIDE step, I had difficulty. I didn't even ask if he "counted" the attempt, I just turned around and went back. The next time, I had to stop part-way through. He said that was allowed and it let me to find my balance instead of rushing forward like usual. I did that twice, and that was fine. The next time, I did it without stopping! Hahaha!

The rest of the course was stepping over smaller, yet challenging, objects. I did well on the rest of the course. That wide step was my challenge, and I had it mastered!

I left PT proud of myself. Then something cool happened today.

I had to cut through a room to get to the room that I do dismissal in, and I had to step OVER a backpack. I did every step perfectly, and what might have been a fall before was a success today.

The little things really add up. That's what I believe...every little step adds up!


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