Saturday, March 09, 2013

Encouragement in the Lord *grin*

Tonight I went to FCF, and REALLY enjoyed it! :-)

When I walked in, Jon Thurlow was at the piano ready to lead worship. I was grinning ear-to-ear. He's a favorite leader of mine on the base, but he leads the early morning sets. Yeah, you can guess how often I get into his sets. *grin*

Worship was AMAZING. He did a lot of new songs, and I REALLY enjoyed it. Words just can't express how much fun I had. *grin*

I was pleasantly surprised after sermon time during our small group time. I'm really enjoying this season in our church family, where we break into small groups after the sermon to get to know people around us. I was blessed to be a part of the group I was in. Within the group, God spoke to me through someone. This isn't normal for me, usually I'm the one ministering, but God put a man there who spoke into my life as only God knows what I needed for NOW. I thanked the man and joined in worship afterward. I just smiled the whole time. I NEVER, EVER, mind being the one to minister to others, but I have to admit, being ministered to tonight was very timely. I loved it.

I've been praying a lot around several situations in my life, and tonight brought some confirmation and clarity into some of them. Encouragement in the Lord is such an incredible thing, and just what I needed tonight.

Thank You, Jesus.


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