Friday, March 15, 2013

Physical Therapy and a Walk with Jay

Today was busy and great all at the same time. *grin*

I woke up with a quote in my head, and it was in the back of my mind as the day began. Okay, well, for me as it began at 10:45. I tell ya, this Spring Break gig has been ENJOYABLE. *grin* I actually got up with an alarm because I had a Physical Therapy appointment at 1pm with Zartie.

I was REALLY excited about it because my muscles have ached since the Botox Injections. Notice I said "Ached". It's not major pain, but I have been stretching like crazy to help with the ache. It helps, and honestly the appointment was really good.

We stretched for a long time, which was AWESOME. I felt much better, and he could already tell a difference in the stretching. I was surprised by that because I thought it took ten days to work, but he said that he could tell. *grin* That's good news!

We walked too, and he noticed something new in my walk that we'll work on next week. I was a little surprised that there was something that hadn't been noticed yet, but apparently there's something in the walk that I need to work on. I go back Tuesday, so I'll be anxious to see what that happens to be. *grin*

After PT, I had a quote in my head that says, "A goal without action is simply a wish."

I read it on twitter at some point and it really connected with me.

I have been wanting to start walking Jay again, and that quote pushed me forward to take Jay out on a walk. We walked our entire old route, which is a mile. *grin*

It was GREAT to walk again. My toe (the one that is turning inward now that I'm working on walking straight) REALLY hurt afterward but it was really good too. My legs felt better too! Jay LOVED it too, and has been wiped out tonight. It's been SO sweet! *grin*

I guess it's about to get cool again, but for today, it was AWESOME.

Part of me is sad to see Spring Break come to an end, but the only way we get to Summer Break is by finishing out the school year. *grin* (Love the job, but also like the breaks too!)


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