Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cerebral Palsy and Bunion Fun

So, I'm going to be REALLY transparent here. Every once in a while, living with CP is really hard. That doesn't mean I can't do this, God chose me to do this, and I find strength in that DAILY. But, I'll admit, from time to time there is a character-building piece to this journey this side of Heaven with Cerebral Palsy, and today was one of those days. (Told ya I'd be transparent.)

As you all know, I started Physical Therapy a year ago with Woody and Z. I have made such tremendous gains (the biggest being less falls now) in my walking and balance that it's been great. HOWEVER, as the walk changed, a bunion formed. That part has been character-building, but manageable, with pain reliever. After the Barn-A-Break, I came home in quite a bit of pain, and I knew it was time to REALLY look into getting some true pain relief.

Today was that day. I went to a podiatrist who was clearly somewhat perplexed as to how to help me because of the walk. I went into it, expecting to be told that they would remove the bunion. HOWEVER, due to the walk, there are some other factors that basically mean that removing the bunion won't help long term. My INSIDE thought bubble while talking to this really nice doctor was, "This isn't what I was hoping for." However, I understood what she was saying.

What we decided was that I try special shoes to see if that eliminates the pain. I go back in three weeks.

The bonus to this is that it is cheaper than surgery.

I went and ordered the shoes after the appointment and will have them next week.

I'll keep ya posted on what happens. :-)

As for the CP, yeah, I was somewhat frustrated through the appointment. I had to walk over and over again in front of people like they had never seen a person with CP. I was also frustrated because my course of treatment is based on it.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I realize it's not a big deal. Everyone really is looking out for my best interest. :-)

I'm praying for two things tonight:

1. Jesus to just heal the silly foot.

2. Jesus to continue to give me strength to do this CP thing this side of Heaven.

You know, it's a very interesting journey to walk out, because my mind is fine....it's my body that doesn't do what I want it to. :-)

I'll keep ya posted.

GOOD...Even on Character-Building days. *grin*

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BuffBoi said...

I love you so much, and wish there was something, anything I could do to help. Hang in there... and maybe consider swimming?