Saturday, April 06, 2013


Tonight I went to FCF, and once again found myself thanking God that I'm here. I've lived here almost four years, and I still smile when I'm in services. (Are you tired of this same post, over and over again?) Tonight Misty Edwards team led again, and it seemed that song after song was for me. It wasn't, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who needed encouragement from Him tonight, but it was so much fun tonight! :-)

I stayed after service and stayed for the devotional after service too. It reminded me of what it was like when I first moved here. I used to REALLY look forward to the time AFTER service because Matt Gilman led. Now I'm just enjoying the Devo time. :-)

I found myself thinking tonight about how I'm created for IHOP. I've said that before, but I was thinking about how people go to Jayhawks games and there are things that fans do at those games, and it's as if everyone is in one accord in that moment. It's kind of hard to explain unless you have been here, but it seems everyone knows the popular IHOP songs and choruses. At one point we did several Misty songs back to back and it was SO MUCH FUN to be in a congregation that knows all the songs too. At one point I stopped singing, just listened, and smiled. :-) I am definitely blessed to be here for a time such as this. :-)

So perhaps I post this stuff every week, but I still feel blessed to be here. I'm also blessed to have a Prayer Room so close by. I know that for this chapter in my life, I'm blessed to have such an incredible place to soak in. :-)


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