Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Second Opinion *grin*

I recently read a book that talked very openly about how much we need to be assertive when it comes to our personal health. While this isn't NEW, the chapter really gave me new confidence in knowing how to follow that "not so right" feeling after visiting a doctor. In early May I visited a podiatrist that left me feeling less than enthusiastic about her course of treatment. Something in me wasn't sitting right. I told my parents the story and they encouraged me to follow that gut feeling and get a second opinion. So, I set up an appointment with Woody to get the name of a new podiatrist. Woody, being the amazing Woody that he is, gave me the name of a podiatrist, as well as things to think about.

Today I had my appointment with the new podiatrist. (I won't share the actual names here, because that's not fair to them.) I was upfront with the nurse, and told her that this was a second opinion, and just shared bits and pieces of what happened. (Didn't want to be a negative nellie) Nurselady left, poked her head in once to ask a question, and then the doctor walked in.

He had this HUGE table he wanted me to sit on, so I did, and he took off my shoe. Yep, it's a Bunion. *giggle* Then he started explaining to me WITH VISUALS OF THE FOOT the depth of a bunion and why removing a bunion wouldn't solve my pain difficulty. He explained to me the workings of the foot, and taught me a lot about what really goes on when a person walks. I also figured out why I suddenly had a bunion after living so long without one.

Going to Woody we really worked on striking my heal when I walk. This has been good, as it has reduced my falls because my feet don't drag. HOWEVER, it changed the way my foot landed and how I walk TOTALLY. So, that led to a bunion. *grin* Good times.

He explained what surgery could be done, but didn't pressure me at all to do it. We talked about recovery, Physical Therapy, etc. He let me ask as many questions as I wanted, and I was in there about 45 minutes. I was amazed by him.

I also explained camp, and how for the next week I'd be walking a lot. He opened a cabinet and made me a toe cover that significantly reduces my pain because my toe CANNOT bend in it! *grin* It will still hurt some, he warned, but I can already tell a huge difference. I am not as concerned about camp as I was because of this cover. *grin* I'll still have the usual tiredness, etc, from camp, but the pain shouldn't be what it has been, which blesses my little heart! *grin*

He also cut for me something to give me a little more heel in my shoe. This should reduce the pain as well because of how I walk! I didn't notice a difference, but he gave me more material to cut more if I want to do so. Oh, and he gave me more material to cut more toe covers for camp! *grin* So cool!

So, the upcoming surgery timeline is up to me as far as when it actually occurs. As it turns out, it's not an 8 week recovery like the first gal said. I will be in a leg scooter for about 2 weeks, and then moved to a boot for about 3-4 weeks. *grin* I was HAPPY to hear that. Oh, and I can do my Physical Therapy with Woody/Zartie! *grin* Yippee!

You might be wondering what the first gal said that made me have the not so good feeling. Well, I was in her office for five minutes, and she was clearly stumped by the CP. That's okay, I'm sure she's great at what she does with others. She just wasn't the right doctor for me.

This guy spent about 45 minutes for me, gave me practical tools to decrease pain now, and showed me what needed to happen for my pain to be gone permanently. I think he was a gift from God, and fully worth my copay today.

I'll keep ya posted on the surgery front. I have camp first. *grin*

I sure am glad I followed that feeling. I now feel great about my course of treatment. Seriously.

Great!!! *grin*

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