Thursday, July 18, 2013


I have had this post rolling around in my head for a while, and I sure hope it all makes sense once I write it all out. *grin*

I recently started reading blogs written by parents of children with Autism. If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that I have a HUGE heart for kids with Autism. God clearly put that there, and I adore those individuals. *grin*

In reading various blogs, I have read the phrase, "Different, not less" several times. And I get what those parents are stating, their kids are different, not less than others in society. I think that is an AMAZING perspective on these special people. However, as I pondered that, it goes beyond individuals with Autism.

Yesterday I had a friend encourage me to watch a video on that starred Dustin Hoffman sharing his experience in making the film "Tootsie." He states (And I highly recommend you go to the site and see it, it is amazing! http// that when he first put on the woman's apparel, he was surprised because he had on the clothes but was not beautiful in his own eyes. Then he asked the people at Columbia who were working on his outfit with him to make him "beautiful." He was basically told something like, "This is the best we can do." That statement broke him, and made him decide to make the movie because there were so many women that he (basically) dismissed because they weren't "beautiful" in the eyes of society. It wasn't that he was saying he wanted to date them, he just didn't get to know them because of how they looked. This clip captured my heart on several levels, and led to some serious pondering. (Something I really do enjoy doing.) *grin*

As I read various posts last night, the phrase, "Different, Not Less" kept coming to me.

As I pondered that, I realized that was the #1 thing I have wanted people to think about me when they see the limp. Now, don't get me wrong, I am surrounded by loving people everyday who don't give a zip about the limp. I am not seeking pity here. Really.

That being said, when I see people out of my usual daily routine, there are moments I want to say, "Um, it's just a limp. I'm different, but not less than you." *grin*

Living life this side of Heaven with good cognitive abilities, but with a physical challenge makes for an interesting experience. I don't hate it, IT'S JUST DIFFERENT. *grin*

So, this has led to some deeper pondering of that dream of a spouse. Yep, I'm still waiting on God, and I know it will be worth the wait because I only want to do it once. That being said, I look at a cute guy and often think, "Um, can I take a moment and tell you that I'm different but not less than you, and I have some AMAZING strengths if you take time to get to know me." (I mean that in the most humble way too.) *grin*

I'm still pondering this, and will probably never have a great ending to this post. I say all of this to say: whether it's people with Autism, or CP, or anything really, we're ALL DIFFERENT, but not less than anyone else.

Perhaps I need a shirt that says, DIFFERENT, NOT LESS. *giggle*

Nah, I think those closest to me get it. Those that don't, well, it's their loss and they just don't get my heart like those closest to me.


Awesomely cool!

GREAT...being different, but not less than anyone else. *giggle*

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