Sunday, August 11, 2013

KP, The ER, and a Family Reunion

It's hard to believe that summer is over for me. I will admit, it has been a nice, relaxing one and I'm ready to be with the little people again. *grin* Before we dive into the new school year, I want to post about the things I want to remember from this summer.

I had KP join me for the month of July while she did an internship for her schooling. I met KP at camp, and it was a TRUE joy to have her here for a month. We had a lot of great chats, and shared 48 episodes of SWITCHED AT BIRTH. I'm so glad she was here. It was a lot of fun.

I also had another gal here, and the Lord taught me how to build boundaries with her, and she is in her own place. She loves her new place and it's clear He had a hand in the place, as it is blessing her more than we ever imagined for her. *grin*

As much as I enjoyed having them here, I will be honest and say it's great to have my own home back to Jay and me. They were both gone by last Sunday (8/4/13) and the past week has been wonderful. I REALLY enjoyed having them here, honest. It's just great to have my own space again. *grin*

I jumped right into the work schedule last Monday, and all felt right. *grin* A workshop started the return to the work world, which was good.

The only real downer to the week was a trip to the ER on Thursday. The good part of it was that my Dad and I had some good bonding time, as we talked while my labs were reviewed. The bummer was that I was having physical issues (that you don't need to know exactly what they are) and missed our annual staff meeting. The good news tonight is that I'm feeling fine, and am now all caught up on the assigned reading that I had to do. *grin* As for the ER, I pray I don't go back again...ever.

The week ended with a wedding for one of my favorite second-cousins. He married a really neat lady, and I was blessed to see their marriage begin. I was also REALLY excited to be around that side of the family. Since my grandparents went to Heaven, I haven't seen them. I LOVED Friday night, and even stayed later than my parents, brother, and sis-in-law did. It was AWESOME. I pray that we don't have to wait ten more years until I see them all.

I remember standing there Friday night and thinking, "I am one blessed gal." Not only do I have a GREAT immediate family, but there are some AMAZING people in our family that I was blessed to spend time with Friday night. *grin* It was a night to remember.

Now I'm about to start the REAL work week, with MYT tomorrow night and school starting Wednesday.

Ah Summer, I'm so sad you have to go. The good news is that you will return in about 9 months. *grin*


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