Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Year #15, Day #1

I sit here tonight, cuddling with Jay, and can honestly say today was fun. I can't believe it's year #15 of my teaching career. Seems like I was just at CF starting, now I'm on year 15. Where did the years go? *grin*

Today was different from any other day because I helped out in one of our other SPED rooms. It was neat because I got to spend some time with a former student! I am wiped out, as a couple of the kids (not my former one) are runners. *grin* Good times. Honestly, I loved it. It reminded me a little bit of camp! *grin*

I will start with some of my caseload tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. I have about 8 new kids and I'm EXCITED to get to know them, as well as spend time with my returners. One of my favorite things about teaching SPED is that I get to loop with my students. I love it!

So, day #1 down, 173 to go.


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