Sunday, March 02, 2014

Unforgettable Kindness

I sit here tonight, on Sunday evening, with a snow day ahead of me tomorrow. I'm REALLY okay with that. I'll admit, on Friday I was hoping that we would have school Monday, but this afternoon I found myself wanting a day off due to the Oscars tonight. *grin* So, since I don't have a bedtime tonight, I thought I'd share another teacher story from last week. *grin* This story also happened on Friday.

All week there had been rumor of a massive snow storm headed to the area. I had a meeting after school, so I started packing up afterward. It was kind of late by the time I got everything packed, because I wanted to get everything I could possibly need for a few snow days. This meant three bags, as well as my purse and lunch sack. Not huge, but enough for me to make two trips. It isn't a big deal though, as my classroom is close to an entrance, so I made one trip to the entrance, and was about to drop them by the door. One of the after school kids who has stolen my heart, asked if we could play. I had forgotten that I had promised him 15 minutes after school to play. I looked at him and said, "Tell ya what, let me get the rest of my stuff, and we can play in Kids Country." He then asked if he could help me. We cleared it with the staff, and he ran to my room to help me with a smile on his face. I've noticed that this kid has been much happier lately. It's made me *grin* more than once. Anyway, we started to load up, and then they called for him to leave because his Dad was there. I said, "It's okay, no worries, see ya Monday." He headed back, and then he came right back saying, "My Dad said I can help you, come on!" I just laughed.

So, sure enough, we figured out how we could each carry our load and walked out of the building. We took a few steps outside, and then I remembered that I had parked in the other lot, across the way. I paused and said, "Oh, I forgot that part." The kid said, "It's okay, come on, Ms. Springer!" So, in the midst of sleet, this little kid and I made the trip to my car across the way. His Dad offered to drive us, but since the kid was ahead of me walking, I decided I should walk too, but encouraged Dad to drive around and pick his child up. *grin*

So, he reached my car and I used my keyless entry to let the kid put my items in the car. He even put my fragile stuff up front. Such a sweet young kid! He got everything in, and even opened my front door for me before climbing in his car. I just stopped and smiled for a second. After getting my stuff in my car, I walked to his car and he rolled down his window and I gave him a Thank You High Five. *grin*

I got in my car and started it up. I looked back and they made sure I was okay to go. I knew in that moment how truly blessed I am. That kid isn't even in my class! He just wanted to help.

Truthfully, this child has quite a few things stacked against him, and has made some of us on staff scratch our heads. However, I have thought tons about him this weekend. He's not in my class, but we've definitely connected because I always tell him I believe in him. Pretty much daily he says, "Are you tutoring today?" Depending upon how long my tutoring session is, I typically make time for this kid because I know I matter to him. *grin* He is becoming more and more special to me as the years go by, I think.

So this weekend I've thought about him, his Dad, and their kindness toward me on Friday. Don't get me wrong, I'm surrounded by kind people all day long at work, but last Friday this little kid's kindness toward me was memorable. It was something I don't want to forget, or ever take for granted. *grin*

It's interesting serving kids this side of Heaven. Most of the time it's a give thing, and not typically a reciprocal thing. Then He surprises me every once in a while with an experience like that one on Friday. In that moment, that KID was determined to help me. I don't want to forget that moment.

I am blessed.

On Friday, one little student will never know how much his kindness blessed my heart.


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