Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Gift To Remember

Today I turned...okay, why share the number?

Okay, I'm 41 today.

Shhhhhhh! I'm young. *giggle*

So, we did our family celebration last weekend, so I didn't expect much today.

I expected the usual, "Happy Birthday, Ms. Springer." That's all I needed.

What happened though, is something that has touched my heart.

Around 9am, I had a student bring in a BASKET of goodies for me. Now, I'll be honest, that typically means a basket of stuff I'll share with everyone because people don't know what I like. HOWEVER, this kid knows me REALLY well. This is my fourth year with this student, so we have spent some time together. *grin* I'll admit, I do like that I loop with my students, so I can work with them several years in a row. *grin*

In the basket was pepsi (my favorite drink), M&M's (my favorite candy) in 3 different sized bags, a go cup with an amazing teacher phrase, 3 notebooks (one pink, blue, and green) that each symbolize the color of the reading book he completed with me, 2 spirals (what they write in daily), lip balm (something I've used a lot), flyswatter for the flies in grade four, a pack of my favorite G-2 pens, envelopes for all the letter writing we do, a Happy Birthday crown, and a card that will go in my scrapbook.

I kept staring at the basket all day.

I don't think I've ever had a kid pay that much attention to what I like before. Typically they are so absorbed into their own world, they don't think beyond themselves.

This kid did, and it will probably go down as the most memorable gift I've ever received from a student.

Some parents just give me what they think an adult would want. While I appreciate that, I will admit that the best gifts are the ones given by the kid. *grin*

So, even though in time the food and drinks will be gone, that's okay.

I plan to use the blue, green, and pink notebooks in special ways in the next school year.

I texted the student's Mom to say "Thanks" and she said that they went out three separate times to get things for me, and that he had put it all together. I believe it. This kid is pretty amazing, and already had a piece of my heart before today. However, today he really blessed me with the level of thought he put into that basket. *grin*

Too bad I can't keep him, but the thing is, he will go onto Middle School next year. That's okay, I look forward to hearing the amazing things he will do with his life. *grin*

For today, I'll keep the basket together. It's a little reminder that kids can bless me just like I bless them!


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