Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lifting My Heart, Lifting My Head *grin*

Gosh life has been CRAZY. That's a-okay. *grin* The end of the school year is always busy, so this is nothing new. It's just been so busy that I wanted to take time and blog. I wanted to blog last Sunday, as I met one of my favorite worship leaders on the Base. But, I had so much to do, it just didn't happen. *grin*

I was walking out of the Prayer Room and Laura Hackett passed me and opened the door for me. I felt like a little kid, as one of my favorite song leaders stood in front of me. I had no idea what the work week had in store for me, but I fully believe He made that happen to encourage me in a very special way.

Laura has a new song (or perhaps just new to me) on the Sing Your Praises album from Onething2013, that gripped me from the first time I heard it.

It opens with:

"Do Your eyes see me now? Are you smiling? Are you proud?
I believe You are, and this changes everything..."

I have had the song on repeat since I got the album, and have been deep in thought as I've listened to it. There was a day I was in a church that that song wouldn't have gone over very well. Gosh, I've come a long way! *grin* Praise the Lord!

So, I have also pondered how precious that thought is, He is proud of me. Doesn't matter what I've done, will do, or am doing... That makes me smile.

I am blessed, as my parents have told me they're proud of me. In fact, I have a note from my Dad that says, "You have absolutely no idea how proud I am of you" hanging on my refrigerator. *grin* I am truly blessed.

This week I had a bump in the road come my way.

What I loved was how He gave me some amazing people this side of Heaven to encourage me. I'm doing well, thanks to the people He spoke through to encourage me. *grin*

He also gave me another part of that song that gripped me:

"You're the One, there You go again, lifting my heart, lifting my head,
Hope is rising as I see You smiling..."

Love it!

Oh, so when Laura was standing in front of me last Sunday, I told her that that song had gripped me. Not because I was stuck in insecurity, but because it was just so good to meditate on. She understood what I meant. She held her hand out, and asked for my name, and said she'd seen me in her sets. *grin* I was grinning ear-to-ear.

Then I fell over. Literally.

And it turns out He even used that to help me.

As I hit the bump this week, I was down, and He reminded me that in life, there will be ups and downs. What's important is that I still get back up. *grin*

Of course, the day after the bump in the road, He blessed me through a student's family. They had no idea what had happened this week, but it was exactly what I needed. *grin*

I just love how He loves us, especially in the bumps in the road that come along the way!


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Angelica Silva said...

I just love this song too.. I am from Brazil..and I repeat over and over again!I can't contain it! lol
if you want add me on facebook... I love to sin to Jesus! His love is so amazing!!!