Thursday, June 12, 2014

Staffers 2014, Term 1

I always pray on my drive to camp about what staffers I will be serving beside for the week. I've had some amazingly good staffers, and some that weren't stellar. Overall though, they've been His light into the lives around them. This week that was the case, as I was blessed by both the staffers I served beside.

Megan I had seen around before, but didn't know her name or how she fit into the Barnabas world. Turns out she works with the Prep program, and knows her stuff! Much like my teacher voice, she has a voice that she can break out that is very similar. I must say, she never did it, but she threatened it, and I smiled. She was super nice, and willing to do whatever she needed to do to help out. I look forward to seeing what else He has in store for her, because she's clearly in the beginning of her ministry that He has for her.

Kali, oh gosh, Kali. I felt like God paired us up so I could come alongside her and cheer her on in life. Let me first say she worked harder than anyone else in the entire cabin. I truly believe that. On about the third day, I heard her testimony, and it blessed me immensely. Kali's life is quite a testimony in itself, and she could be out causing problems because of her history. However, He gave her some amazing people in her life, and she is a blessing to everyone around her. I was also blessed to hear that we have some mutual friends, so I can stay connected with her beyond Camp. I've already sent her mail and plan to support her in any way He may have me do that. My life is now better with Kali in it. *grin*

The chances are rare that I will have these girls again as staffers this year. I've only had that happen once in my years serving at Barnabas. So, I know He will have me where He wants me. However, Megan and Kali will be on my "Amazing Staffers at Barnabas List."


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