Thursday, July 17, 2014

He Did It!!! Jay Did It! *giggle*

Jay is the coolest dog ever.


He is also stubborn at times.

Especially when I am teaching him a new trick.

It's actually a little funny, now that I think about it, as I teach kids who often don't want to learn. Sometimes Jay acts like that too.

Some things he just picked up on.

For example, if he's on my lap, I can say, "Jay, can I get up, please?" and he will hop down off my lap. I didn't purposely try to teach that to him, it just sort of happened.

That's also how he learned "Hop" and in the morning when I kiss him on the top of his head it means we're up for the day. He just kind of picked up on it. *grin*

At the same time, for him to learn to shake hands, it took WEEKS.

Apparently my latest trick has taken some time too.

Over time, we have accumulated two KONGS. Kongs are rubber holders for dog toys that he has to work out. It's a GREAT time filler for the pup if I'm busy. *grin*

I have been asking him to "Go get it, bring it to me." To which he just growls at me, knowing it has to do with a treat.

I jokingly have told people that he is Learning Disabled. *giggle* He's not, but it makes for a good laugh.

So today I asked Jay to bring it to me, he growled, and I left him alone. Just like with "Shake" I wondered if he could learn it.

Then when I wasn't even looking, he brought it to me, and I just laughed. And, of course, filled it with a treat. *giggle*

I'll see tomorrow if he will do it again, but for tonight I'm smiling. *grin* This has been WEEKS in the making!

Okay, so it's not world peace, or a million dollars.

It was my HAPPY in my day though!


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