Saturday, August 02, 2014

A Picture That Made Me Smile *grin*

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and well, I must admit one of my pictures from Term 7 had me giggling last night while I was at the Sporting Match last night. I wanted to take a moment and share with you the JOY I had with Ronni at camp when the picture was taken. *grin* At the same time I need to set it up before I explain it. (The picture I'm talking about is my profile pic)

See, each night at camp (except Cross Carry night) we have a party for the campers. On the night of this CUTE picture (in my opinion) the party had some decorations put up in the dining hall. The decorations included streamers in various colors. It's common for the campers to pull the streamers down at the end of the party, it's just part of camp. Well, on this night, Ronni wanted the streamers.

I'm sure we've done this before, but after 8 years, everything sort of runs together. *grin*

So, at the beginning of wrap-up (our short music/sermon/announcements service before bed), Ronni pulled down the streamers. I started to wrap her up in the streamers, and she said, "No, Shanna, I do you." I stood there because I wasn't sure what she meant, but it only took a moment and I understood. She wanted to wrap ME in the streamers. Seemed perfect to me, as that's totally a camp thing to do! *grin*

We stood at first, and then sat down during the sermon, which is only about 5 minutes long. *grin* She had me wrapped up, similar to a mummy. I felt like most of the camp attendees watched, but that was fine. Everyone knows Ronni, and people seemed to be smiling. I thought it was cool.

So today when her Mother wrote "Why do you put up with her abuse?" I had to laugh.

I can see what she meant. I do let Ronni have fun with me like that from time to time.

The thing is, her Mom doesn't know what happened at the end of Wrap-Up.

I thought it would be a battle with her to let me get up, but the opposite happened.

After the "Go to bed" announcement was made, she said something like, "No, Shanna...wait..."

What happened next was precious.

She slowly took the streamers off me AND helped me up.

Ronni can be stubborn sometimes, but I tell ya what, the girl has a heart of gold.

Several times during Term 7, Ronni would start walking with the girls from our cabin and she would stop at the bottom of the hill and say, "Come on, Shanna."

It made me smile.

It always amazes me how I go out to help the campers, CIA's, and staffers at camp. Yet, I walk away so full of love from the Ronni's, Anna's, Aubrey's, E.C.'s, Adrian's, Morgan's, Brianna's, Megan's, and Rae's.

I'll be honest though, Ronni, is a highlight every year.

I am blessed to have that girl and her family in my life. Truly. Blessed.


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