Thursday, September 25, 2014

TAKE IT ALL, Passion Tour 2014

In the year 2000, I attended Oneday 2000, a Passion Conference.

For those of you that don't know what that was, it was a conference for college students, and we camped out in Tennessee and had an amazing time of worship and speakers for a day and a half. I was young and will never forget when they were hauling us into the campgrounds, and Kristian Stanfill was leading worship at one of the three worship sites, and hands were raised in worship and college kids were singing. It took my breath away. I have always enjoyed music, but that was one of those defining moments for me with the Lord. Truly.

Since then, I have bought the Passion Conference Worship CD's every year. Those worship leaders have gone on to have their own ministries, or have continued with the Passion movement. I've simply continued to worship, as the music has always drawn me closer to Him in ways that words cannot explain. *grin*

A few months ago, I saw on FB that the Passion Tour was coming to a church in the town just north of me, and I IMMEDIATELY ordered my ticket. Literally. I didn't even worry about finding someone to go with, as I just wanted to go be with the Lord.

The event was last night.

I got there, and Kristian Stanfill came out, and I was immediately happy. He did all the current Passion songs, and I had to smile. I knew every song. It was AWESOME.

I LOVED that there were times when the band dropped out and we kept the songs going as an audience singing before the audience of One. It brought feelings that were beyond words, and I enjoyed every second of it. *grin*

Louie came out to preach on Luke 7, and I took pages of notes. It was REALLY good, as I almost feel as if I've been in a desert and am thirsty for new perspectives in the word. Needless to say, I will forever be thankful for the sermon that lit my heart on fire again for the word. Seems backward to me, as I live in a place where a 24/7 prayer room exists, but it was a deep drink in a dry and weary land for me. *grin*

Kristian came back out and led us in about 45 more minutes of worship. Every moment was precious.

My favorite moments were when he led us in "Take it All". We did it first as it is on the current Passion Release, and then they ended it with us singing it acoustically.

In my opinion, it was the perfect way to end the night.

Trust me when I say this, this post is more for me than for you. I just wrote down the highlights of the night for me. That's where He has me these days, focusing on the highlights of each day.

The event last night, was a highlight for me since Term 7.

I can experience God at camp in some incredible ways that I can't experience anywhere else.

Then I can experience God at events like last night, unlike anywhere else.

Thank You Lord, for both.

AWESOME. *grin*

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