Sunday, January 18, 2015


Today was a really neat day for me. It wasn't what I expected when I woke up today, but that's okay because I like it when things happen like they did today.

I started the day driving shuttles. That is pretty normal for me, as I drive shuttles every Sunday. I was in shuttle 5, which is my favorite because I can hook up my iPhone to the stereo. *grin* It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. So, partway through the shift, Papa Bear asked me how long I had been driving on Sunday Mornings. I stopped and pondered it, and stated my history as a shuttle driver. I started out driving Sunday Nights, then moved to Saturday Nights, and then moved to Sunday Mornings because there was an opening for it. Papa Bear paused and said that outside of him (who is in charge of shuttles), I have driven longer than anyone else on Sunday Mornings. *grin* That made me smile. The driver I'm with on Sundays has driven the second-longest. I thought that was neat too. The whole thing made me smile because when He told me to do it at first, I said no. He knew I'd love it before I did. Go figure. *grin*

After that, I went to the Prayer Room. My favorite drummer was playing when I first arrived, and I loved that. The next team that came out had a worship leader I had never seen lead before. I had seen him on guitar before on various teams, but never as lead worshiper. I will be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Part of living here is sitting through some sets where the leader has some maturing to do. *grin* HOWEVER, that wasn't the case this afternoon for me. *grin*

The young man didn't open with a song, he opened with a old IHOP-KC I hadn't heard in YEARS. I smiled and jumped right in. Before I knew it, I was standing and connecting with the Lord in ways that cannot be described in words. For the next hour, I was in a place I have been longing for for months! We did some choruses, and songs, that we haven't done (when I've been in there) in YEARS. I LOVED IT. It was a breakthrough similar to the night YEARS ago after FCF when Matt Gilman led, and he just did instrumental for a LONG TIME and I met the Lord. It's one of those moments where it can't be described in words, but definitely worth blogging and marking on the calendar, as it was AWESOME. Ah, it was WONDERFUL. The coolest part was that I don't know who that young man was, so I can't say it was him. It was the Lord. Completely. *grin*

And there's still one day left in this long weekend.



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