Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Miss Springer's Highlight of the Day

Today was a good day, with so many good parts.

Plus, I just got home a little while ago from a new Women's Bible Study. Gosh, I'm going to love Wednesday Nights! *grin* However, I wanted to take a moment and share my favorite moment of the day.

I have a student who is incredibly smart. He just doesn't want me to believe that. *grin* So today I asked him to work on his writing, and he said, "What should I write about?" I said, "Write about how cool I am!" I was joking, of course. However, what he wrote TOTALLY stopped me in my tracks because he would NEVER say to me what he wrote. I am going to post it below, but obviously I have taken out parts that wouldn't be fair to share with the public. (Nothing inappropriate, just specific struggles he's had since I've known him that wouldn't be appropriate to share in a public manner.)

Honestly, I'm sharing this more for me than you. It's stuff like this that make me do what I do. As my favorite teacher said to me last year, it's why we do what we do. We teach and hope that along the way we make a difference in the life of a kid...or two... *grin* I obviously didn't edit grammar and writing mistakes. Afterall, a kid wrote it. Why edit that? *grin*

Miss Springer

Miss Springer is cool because she gives everybody gum and treats everybody with RESPECT!!! She is my favorite teacher by FAR. I like Miss Springer because she got me through tough times. Plus, She pushes me to do better every single day and if it wasnt for her I would probably not know half of the stuff I know right now to this day and walking into this classroom everyday with a smile on her face makes me happy.She loves school so much and she always is happy in school and out of school.She talks to me when I'm going through rough times in school and after that talk we have, you probably don’t think I think about what you said but I do and everything you say I remember I think about what you said and it motivates me to do Better everyday so keep doing what you do.I’ll always have you in my prayers.I’ll always remember you.



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