Sunday, January 04, 2015

January 4 Highlight--The Highlight of the Break

I want to take just a moment to share my highlight for today. I have to crash earlier tonight due to the fact I'm back at work tomorrow. *grin* Honestly, I'm fine with being back at work tomorrow. We don't have students, we have some work time and meeting time, so it will be a good day.

My highlight of the day was spending time in the Prayer Room this afternoon. It took seven years of prayer to move here, and I don't take one afternoon in the Prayer Room for granted. Today seemed especially sweet, as one week ago tonight I was at Onething, and it took me two days before I was vulnerable before Him. I'll spare you what that entailed, but honestly I am a different person tonight than I was one week ago. Part of that is due to the Prayer Room, and part of that was due to the main sessions. Ultimately, I'm closer to Him than I have been in quite some time. That to me, by far, was the highlight of the entire break.

Tomorrow we're back at work.

We don't have kids until Tuesday, but I will be ready.


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