Saturday, January 03, 2015

January 3 Highlights

Wow, what a WONDERFUL Saturday. It has gone by so fast! Gosh, break is almost over, which is so hard to believe, yet I'm excited to see the little people all at the same time. *grin* Isn't it amazing how that works. Of course, we don't have students on Monday, so we get to ease back into the routine of things.

So tonight I actually have two highlights. *grin* Some days are just so fun that it's hard to pick just one. *grin*

My first highlight was when I realized that I can tune in to Passion 2015! Yes, I can watch online what He is doing in Atlanta. That absolutely blesses me! I don't know why I didn't think to look last night! Gosh, that was so neat tonight. Francis Chan's message spoke right to my heart. So. Good. *grin*

My second was when Karen and I were chatting via FB tonight. She lives down by Joplin, but gosh that was awesome. We message pretty regularly, but tonight was fun to swap messages and prayer requests. I'm so blessed to have Karen, even from a distance away, to share life with this side of Heaven. We encourage each other mutually in the walk, which is so refreshing. *grin* We are blessed.

Okay, quiet time for me.

Nite, all!

AWESOME...with snow falling too! *grin*

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