Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Deep Thoughts....Or Perhaps Just Random Thoughts Spring Break 2015

I had a rather deep post last time. Now I have some (possibly) not so deep thoughts.... Let's see where this takes us:

1. I love not having to set an alarm. This has been an unexpected gift of Spring Break. I don't sleep in later than 9am, but it has just been fun sleeping until I wake up. *grin*

2. I have actually done school work each afternoon. I have mixed feelings in this area, so I guess I will simply say that I know in the long run (meaning next week) I will be glad I worked this week. *grin*

3. I've been in prayer a lot here at home, as I've learned of a few friends who have recently lost loved ones. Sometimes that makes me ache for Heaven, where separation of loved ones is a thing of the past. *grin*

4. I was able to chat via FB with a person I got kind of close to last Summer at camp. I won't be able to serve during that week this coming summer, as they are full of volunteers that week. However, I plan to email and see if I can come down for a party one night. Connecting with that young adult was one of the highlights of my day today. *grin*

5. March Madness starts tomorrow (Thursday). I'M SO EXCITED. *giggle*

6. Jay has been a blessing this week. We've had moments where I have sent him to his recliner (he thinks it's his) because he's in my face so much, but he's still my favorite furry kid. *grin*

7. I'm usually at work during the day, so I'm learning the routine of day time TV. Today I got hooked on, "I (almost) got away with it." I can't even describe why I was fascinated by it, I just liked it. Weird. *grin*

8. I've read three books and started another one. That might be my favorite part of the entire break. Nah, March Madness will probably be my favorite.

9. I message a good friend in Joplin quite a bit via Words With Friends (WWF). She beats me all the time, but I don't care. We swap TV shows, books, movies, and games. It's like I never left. *grin* She retired so, we've both enjoyed the time this week.

10. I have often thought to myself this week about cable TV. I know, I know, some people refuse to even have a TV. Meanwhile, I'm in awe of how far we've come. I remember living in Seminole, Oklahoma in third grade and I got my first black and white TV. I had 13 channels. And, you had to turn a dial. No remote. Meanwhile, today I basically have a computer to navigate through a gazillion channels. Okay, not a gazillion, but it is a little crazy how far we've come. Then I had another crazy thought: I'm now old enough to be able to see something like that evolve. Who knows what the next 5 years have in store for us? I'm sure there will be more good and bad shows to choose from, but honestly, we've come a long way. Kinda cool. *grin*

11. I am SO GLAD I grew up before the world of the internet. I've heard various stories of cyber-bullying lately. That opens a whole other dimension to the world of kids. I still see the impact of being bullied due to the limp (it happened, I'm stronger because of it, life goes on) and how I can use that for good in my classroom. HOWEVER, I could go home and get away from mean people. It makes me pause and think what my world would have been like if the internet had been around. God clearly knew, as that wasn't in my journey of life this side of Heaven. For that I am thankful. *grin*

12. I spoke at MSSU last week and LOVED it. I've spoken there for years, once per semester, to the teacher interns. It's fun teaching college kids for an hour, basically. It is always cool to share my life story to help others in their teaching journey. *grin*

13. I enjoyed seeing friends after I spoke at MSSU in Joplin on Monday of last week. We had an impromptu reunion of school teachers at Starbucks. It was really a neat encounter. *grin*

14. Spring Break is making me long for Summer Break. Camp. Outdoors. Walking Jay daily. Of course it's raining today and cold. Ah, well, it will be here before I know it. *grin*

15. I'm watching a Catfish Marathon as I type this. It amazes me low people view themselves at times. It breaks my heart. Seriously...

16. I have a headache. Again. Please pray. I need to drink more water. *grin*

17. I baked cookies yesterday. The interesting part of it all is that I have to eat them all too. Darn. *grin*

18. Jay is upstairs at the moment. I'm okay with that. *grin*

19. I wonder if my students are missing me. I'm not missing them. Yet. *grin* Give me until Friday. I predict I'm ready to go back to work by Monday. *giggle*

20. I'm not sure how fired up I am about the iWatch. I mean, I love my iPhone, but an iWatch? That's weird. *grin*

21. I am glad I am alive in this day and age. I like that I can keep up with friends of the past on FB. Some of my dearest friends have grown into amazing adults with adorable kids. That makes me smile. *grin*

22. I found out someone else I know recently died of Cancer. I hate Cancer. Period. I pray that one of my students grows up to find a cure for it. Seriously. I think that big for my kids.

23. I miss a student who moved in February. At that same time, I hear he's doing well. That makes me incredibly happy! *grin*

24. I hear a book calling my name, so I guess I'm about done here.

25. Go JAYHAWKS. However, this has been the most FRUSTRATING year for me to cheer on my team. They get behind every game and I want to throw things at the TV. I don't though, because my TV is nice. However, I may jump on the KY or Duke bandwagon. Stay tuned.

26. One week from Friday I will meet Chris Tomlin, one of my favorite worship leaders of my generation. I cannot wait. *grin*


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