Saturday, April 25, 2015

He's Got This *grin*

Every once in a while, life throws a curveball at us.

I have had a few true curveballs in life, and have handled some with grace and some with less grace. *grin* I think that's part of the human experience.

Initially when I found out about the curveball this past week, I was emotional about it.

Again, I believe that's part of the human experience.

However, I also knew that in time, I would pray and He would guide me through it. Or, at least, show me a perspective to help me walk through it. *grin* I was right.

Of course, I'm not going to share specifics with you on the curveball. This is one of those times I'm listening for His voice as I look forward. And, as always, He's already talking to me about it. I love how He does that! *grin*

I did contact my dear friend, Karen, to pray with me. Not only did she pray, but agreed with me on the perspectives I was gaining. She'll continue to do so as I walk through it. Good times. *grin*

In it all, one thing's for sure.

He's got this.

I like that.


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