Saturday, May 09, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week

In May, many schools celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. The school I teach at just finished it, and we were definitely appreciated by our PTA, staff, and I even received a couple gifts from special students. It was a lot of fun, and on top of it all, we were able to wear jeans all week. *grin*

So, typically this is the part where I write about my favorite teacher of all-time. Well, I feel like Hops knows her impact on my life. I also believe those closest to me have heard the Hops stories as well. *grin* So, I want to write about Teachergal who is a teacher to high schoolers in Texas.

Teachergal loves her students in a way that amazes me. We were friends when I was in college, and we have been friends for 19 years. Just thinking about that makes me smile. We won't mention the time I fell outside of Dellinger Hall. Badoomp! *grin*

Teachergal teaches the big kids, which amazes me, as I can't imagine big people land. I'm sure she can't imagine little people land either. *giggle* She is able to deal with the hardest kids, and reaches them! Years later, they come back to talk to her, which is saying a lot for high schoolers who may not be fired up about being at school to begin with. *grin*

This week she was working nearly non-stop because she is senior class sponsor and got to prepare for Prom. More than once she probably wanted to curl up with her pup and hide, but she isn't that type of gal. She stayed up late, got up early, and did everything in the middle, to make sure those seniors had the Prom of a lifetime. *grin*

I also imagine that tonight's Prom was one that those seniors will remember for a lifetime because of the hard work Teachergal put into it. I also imagine that there will be some that realize her efforts, and some that don't. That's typical of teens. Most teens are only able to see themselves in it all, so I'm not sure how much appreciation she will receive for her efforts.

I've watched her over the years as she has given her best at her job, everyday. Some days have been good, and others have been character-building. However, I can't imagine Teachergal doing anything else. Sure, she may move into another part of teaching, that's one of the perks of the career is that you can move around in it. However, I truly believe God made her to be with those young people for a time such as this.

God's using her to bless others, and I see it.

Keep teaching, Teachergal. You may not always feel appreciated by the kids, but please know someone is noticing your hard work and dedication to those students.

Awesome...with Teachergal Teaching the Youth of America *grin*

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