Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Term 1, 2015, Highlights from Barnabas, Continued *grin*

I returned from a really good Bible Study a couple hours ago, and it made me ache for camp. Once again, that's normal for me after I leave camp and return home. I enjoy being with His kids, and talking about His word. *grin*

Speaking of which, that reminds me of a camp experience I want to share. I was blessed, enormously blessed, to have the staffers and support staff that I did last week. One of the staffers was a main worship leader for the week, so she had a guitar to play and sing with. So, when our cabin had "Gospel", I was reading quietly in the back conference room. SingingGal was watching the fashion show that the other cabin in there was having, and Sleeping Beauty was asleep. *grin* Next thing I know, my entire cabin of girls arrived and said they wanted to have gospel with us! I've NEVER had a cabin want us so included like that when I've been off with a camper that needed other attention such as sleep or time in the Wellhouse. *grin* What followed was precious.

After sharing the gospel as a whole group, we sang worship songs. It was precious. I've never had a worship set out at camp, outside of church and wrap up, after campers have arrived. It was AMAZING. I loved each moment of it, and it was a moment I don't want to forget. Sitting, or in my case laying with my head on a bean bag chair, singing to Him with His kids in the back conference room. Yes, some of the campers fell asleep, as none of them are used to that much physical activity. That didn't matter though, because it was one of the most memorable moments with the Lord for me out at camp. I LOVED IT. *grin*

I love how He puts people together out at camp, that barely know each other and for that one week, work together and serve His kids! That cabin, for me, was one I'll never forget and I'll remember sitting on that floor singing to Him as a cabin group. I LOVED IT!!!

In case you're wondering, Sleeping Beauty slept all the way through it. *grin* Wish I could sleep like that. *grin*


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