Friday, June 12, 2015

Crystal, Term 1, 2015

The longer I serve at Camp Barnabas, the more people become friends! I love that! *grin* That also means that I often have repeat campers. Not always, but sometimes I will be in a cabin with girls I've had before. During Term 1 this year, that was true. I had six girls I had before, and it was a lot of fun. The new ones blessed me too, as usual, but the repeat girls always have a special place in my heart. *grin*

The night Sleeping Beauty had her seizure, Crystal suddenly wanted to be with me. I had moments where she had wanted to be with me before that, but she REALLY wanted me after the seizure. However, I was needed to be a "third" for Sleeping Beauty. It broke my heart, and truly showed me another glimpse of what it must be like to be a parent having to go be with one kid while another one wanted attention. *grin* So, after I discovered Sleeping Beauty was going on a field trip to the hospital, I went to meet up with Crystal at Wrap-Up. She LOVED seeing me there! She wasn't exactly thrilled with her missionary. (although her missionary was a very nice young lady so I don't know why that happened) However, I also felt like that's the closest I've ever been to being a missionary. I was amazed at how many experiences He was giving me in one night. When we returned to the cabin later (with the entire cabin of girls) I had a pillow fight with her. Crystal is precious to me, and always will be. I had a pillow fight with her the following night too. Crystal is one of those campers that is often overlooked, but precious when you sit down and talk to her. *grin*

I have thought a lot about Crystal since I've returned home. I don't have her address, and sure wish I did. I wonder if she knows how much I enjoyed making her smile and laugh. She really was a highlight of my week. Don't get me wrong, I could do a post on each of the ladies. Tonight though, Crystal is on my heart. I'll pray for her, and perhaps she'll know that I noticed her at camp, and she was a highlight for me during Term 1. *grin*

Awesome. *grin*

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