Saturday, June 06, 2015

Term 1, 2015, Part 2, "I'm a Cabin Mom...REALLY!" *grin*

This morning I was able to sleep in today, and it felt good. I'm still tired, but that's common after a week out at camp. It takes me about 3 days rest to catch up from camp. *grin* I will state that I am in the best physical shape I've been in lately. I started training for camp by walking this past Spring and it clearly paid off. I did fall a couple times, but not like I have in the past. My legs are stronger now than before, so that was a highlight for me. Sure, for you, that may be nothing huge, but for me it was something special. I plan on continuing to walk with Jay or going to the gym if it's raining so I don't lose that. Trust me, out at camp we walk everywhere. *grin*

Yes, there was a reason I shared that story. Term 1 is Adult Friends week. Meaning, the campers are adults with disabilities. The range of disabilities for the adults is big, as some had Autism, Down Syndrome, some had physical challenges, and some had cognitive challenges. I have served during Term 1 for a few years, so I knew quite a few campers from this Term. What changes week to week are the teens that come to serve as MIssionaries or Barnstormers. They are teens who come to serve the Lord and everyone around them, and the majority of them do an amazing job. Our cabin had some amazing help this Term. *grin* Perhaps you already know where I'm going with this, as this was a different kind of week for me personally. This was also the first Term they didn't give Cabin Moms name tags. So, staff and counselors had tags, but not Barnstormers, Cabin Moms, or Campers. *grin* So in the beginning of the week I was offered dessert first, just as campers are served first, because they thought I was a camper. *grin* I was nice, because they didn't know. I told the current Camp Director the story and he laughed. This is my ninth year out at camp, and I've never experience this before to this degree. *grin* During a different time, I was walking with SingingGal to the Silver Lining with Sleeping Beauty and one of her friends came up and asked SingingGal if she had two campers. *grin* (As if Sleeping Beauty and I were her campers) I kept my mouth shut, as it was evident that the teen who asked the question was struggling with some issues. So, I prayed in my head and listened. I also waited, because SingingGal was her friend and I didn't want to hurt her. Later, SingingGal brought it up, but I told her it was okay because her friend clearly didn't understand. I mean, I couldn't be mad simply because the teens didn't know. It wasn't their fault. *grin*

The final story about this makes it great though. *grin* On the last full day I was talking to one of our campers in our cabin who was struggling and I turned around and one of the other cabin moms was standing before me with a name tag. I laughed! Apparently the Camp Director told the MIssionary Director, and they made one for me. *giggle* It made me grin because we really are family out at camp. Later that day I was leaving the Wellhouse by myself and a young man held the door open for me. He said, "Wait, you can't leave without your Missionary." *grin* I stopped, turned around, flashed my name tag, and said nicely, "I'm a Cabin Mom." That young man was SO embarrassed! I said, "It's okay, you didn't know," as he put his hat over his face. I must admit, it made me laugh. And it was fun, as I had wanted to say that every other time, I just didn't want to hurt other people's feelings. *grin*

I've served for at least one term, for nine years out there, and I had never experienced that out there before. However, it made me pause and think quite a bit. I often feel as if I'm in-between two worlds. I'm not "disabled", like some of the adults out there, as I have CP but it doesn't hold me back. I live on my own, pay my own bills, and teach for a living. Many of our campers this week live in assisted living and require help with daily living skills. I'm not like that at all, obviously. *grin*

At the same time, sometimes it keeps me from getting to know some people because they simply don't know what to make of the limp. However, that varies depending upon where I'm at, and what I'm doing. *grin* I'm reminded out at camp that MANY of those teens simply don't know how to interact with people with disabilities, and as the week continues they learn that ultimately we are all simply people with different strengths and weaknesses. *grin*

I kept the name tag. I figured I might need it again in the future. *grin*

I have several more posts to write, but for now, I'll stop.

It's clear that Term 1, 2015, is one that I will remember. *grin*

AWESOME! *grin*

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