Friday, June 05, 2015

Term 1, 2015, "THIS WEEK ISN'T ABOUT ME"

I spent the past week out at CAMP BARNABAS, which is one of my favorite places on Earth. It's incredibly hard to put into words what all happened, but I do want to share the highlights. As always, I'll change names so that people who want to remain anonymous, can do so. :-)

Nothing out at camp is the same as the year before. In other words, I don't count on things to be exactly the same as the year before. Every year contains new friends, parties, experiences, and unexpected twists and turns. Needless to say, there was plenty of material to write about. I don't know what I will remember tonight, but tomorrow I might remember more. :-)

On Camper Card night, (the night before campers arrive) I was excited to learn who was in my cabin. Britt and Sleeping Beauty were in my cabin and I was pumped!! Outside of that, I didn't recognize anyone's name. Oh was I in for a surprise! *grin*

I was blessed to be roommates again with the Amazing Cabin Mom Sisters. *grin* I was pumped when all of our beds were near each other so we could talk when we saw each other. It was quite a blessing for me. *grin* In the year where God is speaking to me about friendships, that was COOL. *grin*

When I arrived at the cabin after arrival time, I was SO EXCITED to see the ladies who were in my cabin. Many of them were girls I've had before!!! It was SO MUCH FUN to see them! I was also happy that we had Sleeping Beauty because I have only had her in my cabin at a Barn-A-Break, and she had a seizure and went home. I was pumped about the week ahead. :-) It was especially true because I wasn't even scheduled for Term 1 this year. *grin*

I spent a lot of time with Sleeping Beauty and SingingGal. I think I went to three activities all week, but that didn't matter. I was blessed to be with Sleeping Beauty, and words cannot express how I felt when she would look at me and smile or laugh. She didn't show a lot of emotion, but gosh she stole my heart this week. She took my hand from time to time, and I would just smile. She would take others hand's too, but even that was cool because she is non-verbal, so just sitting by her was fun. *grin*

Sleeping Beauty had a seizure the night of the dance party, and everyone did a GREAT job taking care of her. It was all precious, and I was just glad she was okay after all was checked out. I can only imagine what it's like to be in that skin and not be able to talk. I tell ya, I still think the non-verbal campers teach me more than any of the others. I wouldn't trade one minute with Sleeping Beauty for all the money in the world. She blessed me. *grin*

SingingGal was also with me a lot, and she did a FABULOUS job with Sleeping Beauty. She was perfectly paired up with Sleeping Beauty, and she responded well to her. While I may have handled some things differently, the Lord showed me over and over again that even though our styles are a little different, SingingGal reached Sleeping Beauty in a special way. *grin* It was a special thing to watch.

Britt was back and I felt like the Lord did that just for me. He clearly didn't, as the week progressed and I wasn't with her nearly as much as I was last year due to the Sleeping Beauty, but it was still good. I encouraged Britt when I could, but found myself encouraging the adults around her more so because of various situations. However, it was a good week, and I will state that we ended the week well. *grin* I hope to have Britt again next year. *grin*

I'll end with one last thought tonight and write more tomorrow. My bed is calling my name now. *grin*

I was leaving our cabin slightly early one night because i was so tired that I ached. Staff knew, and I am walking back, and Britt was still walking back from Wrap-Up. I was surprised because the rest of our campers were asleep and I thought Britt was too. So, I approached and learned that apparently I was her motivation for walking the entire way. So, I decided to walk with her. It took about 20 more minutes, and as I walked up, one of my staffers said, "Thanks, Shannon." My reply was, "This week isn't about me." *grin* The rest of the week I remembered that. I'm exhausted tonight, but it was one of those weeks.

Stay tuned tomorrow for stories on swimming, gospel, music, breakfast dance parties, and my experiences of being mistaken for a camper.

Right now, sleep must happen.


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