Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Weekend Worth Remembering *grin*

This weekend I went to the Fall Barn-A-Break out at Camp Barnabas! It was a lot of fun, and as always, I have a few tidbits I want to remember. You can read along if you like, but this post is more for me than for you. *grin*

The first night was the last game of the ACLS, and I remember how many of my cabin friends were Royals fans. *grin* We spent the night checking the score, and the game had a rain delay. We wound up in family time, which is late at night, with my parents texting us that the Royals had WON! *grin* I couldn't hear a lot of family time that night due to the fans, but, I do remember the texts! That was memorable. *grin* Oh, and as I walked back to the Barn-A-Bunk, I passed Reid's cabin and told them that the Royals won. For the rest of the weekend, every time Reid walked by me, he'd say "Go Mets!" I'd reply, "Go Royals." This morning, I overheard him say, "I've been a Mets fan for two days now." I laughed. I love camp, stuff like that happens all the time!

I was in Ronni's cabin again this weekend, and it was amazing! My favorite Ronni moment was during our cabin picture. We went outside for it, and one of the campers wasn't fired up about coming out, so while we waited Ronni and I had fun posing for pics. I laughed more during that time than I have in quite some time. I even reached the silent laugh, which I haven't done in a long, long, long time. It was probably my favorite moment of the entire weekend. *giggle*

Oh, I guess I don't want to forget breakfast Saturday morning. I was sitting and chatting, and Claire (one of our campers) hit me on the head. Twice. I turned, and Claire's assistant then found out she had a headache. My heart leapt for her, as I scooted my chair back a smidge. *grin* Not too long after that, Claire apologized, and I could tell she was past the stage of crisis. The rest of the day, she was kind of trying to make up for it, which I thought was sweet. I just kept telling her how much I liked her, without mentioning the hit. She and I became pretty good friends. And she didn't hit me again. *grin*

Gracie borrowed my phone a lot to sing to music. She isn't the best singer in the world, but she has Down Syndrome, and it was precious to hear and watch. *grin*

During the Fall Festival which had hayrides, smores, and pumpkin smashing, I sat and watched everyone. Gosh, Barnabas is such a special place. Martha Grace led people around like usual. One girl with Down Syndrome led four reg. ed. teens in tons of games, and she'd stop them occasionally and change the rules on them. They didn't care, they just went with it. *grin* So many returners were there that it was truly a family reunion. E.C., Megan, Mandy, Adrian, Jennifer, Rebecca, gosh, my list of girls could go on and on that I've had as volunteers that are now on staff. I'm so proud of those gals. Truly. Right before I left camp for the day, the girls wanted a pic with me. I am truly blessed by those young ladies. I hope I get a copy of that pic. I need for my refrigerator. *grin*

I made several new friends too, which is always fun too. I love how my Barnabas family grows each time I go out there. You'd have to be there to get it, but it truly is a family atmosphere out there. *grin*

For the first time since I've been going to Barnabas, they had awards today for the campers. Ronni got the Life of the Party Award. I laughed. That was fitting beyond words. The true surprise came when I got an award, as they were given to campers, not volunteers. However, my girls gave me "The Captain Award". I laughed. I love loving on everyone out there, but everyone loves me well out there too. *grin*

Finally, I am blessed by some adults out there, who shared their hearts with what's going on in their lives. I'm not going to share it here, as that wouldn't be nice, but, I always feel honored when people share the tough stuff in their lives. I'm praying tonight for those situations and people. God knows. *grin*

For now, sleep needs to happen. It wasn't a priority this weekend. Gosh, where did the weekend go? Well, this is going to be a busy week with the ROYALS in the WORLD SERIES. *grin*

Thank You, Lord, for this weekend.

It was amazing!

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