Friday, November 06, 2015

An Unforgettable Week

Wow, I sit here tonight, somewhat tired but excited by what all happened this week. Gosh, talk about a week that I won't forget.

On Sunday, as you all know by now, the ROYALS won the WORLD SERIES. Talk about excitement in the big city!!! It's been a lot of fun! *grin* Everyone (it seemed) was up late watching the Royals win it in 12 innings. How much fun is it to go to school the next day? AWESOME!

I didn't know it Sunday night, but Monday morning I awoke and learned that there would be a Royals Parade on Tuesday. My school was already not in session, but the teachers and staff had a Professional Development Day scheduled. That meant we had an "Emergency Day" for absences. Basically, if we took the day off, we would be docked pay. Due to the Emergency Day, I had pretty much decided not to take the day off. SEVERAL staff members were taking the day off even with the dock in pay. The interesting part was that surrounding school districts were canceling so that students and staff could attend the parade. I started getting notifications on my phone of district after district canceling, and I started to get slightly jealous. My brother and sister-in-law were both out. I kept wondering if we would be out, but we were already out (student-wise) and some big names were coming to present in our workshops. The surprising part was learning how many people were taking the day off anyway, even with the dock in pay. I'll admit it, I was torn. My para even took the day off. Around 3pm-ish, a co-worker told me that they lifted the "Emergency Day". I grinned and cheered. I went straight to email to check it for myself. Sure enough, the superintendent had sent out the letter saying that if we took the day off it could be a PDO. Seventeen years of teaching and I have never had that happen! So, I went ahead and took the day off! *grin*

My brother and I started texting, and my para and I started weighing out the pluses and minuses of going to the parade versus staying in and watching it on TV. After several texts, my brother and I decided to watch it at my parent's house. It was my brother's 40th Birthday, so it was a neat way to share with him in his Birthday. We ate lunch and watched the parade and rally on T.V. After that, we did a family field trip to Rally House to shop for World Series Champ shirts. Jeff and I were too picky and didn't buy anything. My parents found shirts that they both wanted, so we considered it a great field trip! We also had a great selfie shot, which was fun too! It made for a great memory of the 2015 World Series Championship. It was a day I'll never forget.

School resumed for the rest of the week. Some students did the parade and some did not. Overall, the reviews I heard solidified the fact we made the right decision by watching at my parent's. I am so glad I shared it with my folks and brother. I'm truly blessed to have the family I do. I don't take that for granted. Ever.

I sincerely hope it doesn't take another 30 years for the Royals to win another World Series.

I can honestly say, this has been a week I will never forget.


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