Friday, January 01, 2016

Onething 2015, Entering a New Year, 2016

I'm not quite sure how to sum up the past few days, and the more I've pondered it, the more I've thought that some things are simply beyond words. For those of you new to my blog world, I blog more for me than for you. It's an online journal of random thoughts that you can read, but really, it's more for me than you. You would be amazed how many posts I don't actually publish just because some things you don't need to know. Some things are simply between me and God. *grin* However, there are a few things rolling around in my head worth remembering that I will type out. *giggle*

I just got done attending my fourteenth Onething Conference. Gosh sitting here and figuring that out just makes me smile. Yes, there are parts of it that I do skip now because I have heard a lot of the messages already. At the same time, there is always new to experience in it too. You might be thinking, "IHOP is a cult." No, it's not. Trust me, it's not. People have reasons for believing that, and I'm not going to sit here and type out all the reasons it's not. Honestly, IHOP-KC saved me years ago. I was thinking that the other night actually as I walked to my car after the evening session that wrecked me, once again, for Him.

In the early 2000's, I was in a church that wasn't healthy. It wasn't a cult, but there were a lot of things that didn't sit well with me. I was in a season of really questioning God based upon the sermons I was hearing at my home church. I was ready to walk away from church entirely, and then I discovered the IHOP-KC Prayer Room. *grin* I also heard Allen Hood preach for the first time. My church at the same was fire and brimstone, and the love of God was a cop-out. Sad to admit, but true. Looking back, I'm amazed I stayed as long as I did.

Allen Hood came out to preach one night in the Prayer Room (back then services were held there), and he talked on the love of God and how we weren't born in a court room and we weren't headed to a court room. I had a single tear fall down my face as I sat there and thought, "I knew He loved me." That wasn't even at a conference, that was a usual service. *grin*

My life changed. Totally.

Since then, I've been a fan of the Prayer Room. Of course, He made me to love music, so it would make sense I love a room of constant music. And music to God is amazingly cool to me. Truly.

That doesn't mean I live in a Prayer Room. As much as I'd love that, He didn't make me for that. He made me to teach little people with challenges. I love my job (and the breaks that come along with it), and can't imagine my life without kids in it. *grin* Seriously.

At the same time, I always look forward to December 28-January 1. He always meets me and never does anything twice. *grin*

This year was full of new experiences, and my favorite set of the conference was Amanda Cook and Steffany from Bethel. They are from a different flow, and I LOVED it. From the first note to the last, I loved it. God spoke to me deeply about FEAR. This has been a struggle of mine, my entire life. I didn't realize how deep it went. We did Brave and Slave to Fear. It was indescribable. I can also still hear Amanda sharing about the love of God and how we always feel there needs to be a "but" after you talk about the Love of God. However, there isn't a but. God loves us, right where we are. Her next phrase gripped me, for reasons He's still showing me, "Let the chips fall where they may." For her, that meant in sharing the Love of God. For me, He's showing me areas of my life where I need to have that mentality, with Him at my side. *grin* I love that!

I have also been in a self-imposed desert, spiritually speaking. I won't get into what that means, as that won't matter to you, but suffice to say, I took PAGES AND PAGES of notes. The Word became alive again! I started hearing Him in new ways again! *grin* Ahhhhh! I loved it!

He used me to bless others as well. Three times I prayed for people and He gave me a word for them. I LOVE that, and have MISSED that! Truly! One time I really got to work with a young man to teach him how to step out of his comfort zone to pray for me. The funny part was that he initiated talking to me! *giggle* It happens at Onething, people stop me to pray for my leg. I always say "yes". Then I let Him bless them for stepping out in faith. I can't tell you how much fun it is to do that! Seriously!

Perhaps my favorite memory of God using me is the first night after service. I was talking to the young lady He put me beside, as He had been giving me a word for her all evening. Upon introducing myself and sharing what He had told me, she shared that my word was right on, and that her Dad had just killed himself a few days ago. She had received the word of the suicide on the way to the conference. I loved that He used me to encourage her, and then met all of her friends. They were from a famous ministry, and I had no idea! *grin* Yes, those are the things that happen that make memories at Onething! Life changing for both of us. You just never know who He is placing in your path. Never. *grin* I loved it.

From beginning to end, the conference changed me. And I missed the first day of it due to a snow storm.

I think I'll be blogging a little more, as He's given me tons to ponder as we enter 2016.

Typically I'm sad because Onething is over, but I don't feel that this year. This year, I simply can't wait for December 28th to roll around again. *giggle*

Today I'm having a


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