Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day, Abundant Life Style *wink*

Today is the day of LOVE.

Or that's what our society says, and centers everything around it.


I have smiled a lot today. I may not be in love with a guy, but gosh, I'm surrounded by people who love so well. *grin*

It was my first Valentine's at my new church and it was SO MUCH FUN. *grin* One of my favorite things about my new church is the amount of laughter we have in each service. From Sunday School to regular service, it is priceless how much we laugh. *giggle*

In Sunday School, we laughed during a short, little, quiz about Valentine's Day. I didn't do well, but that made it so much better, as I didn't have to tell everyone how poorly I did. *grin*

In service, we had an unforgettable Kiss Cam for the married couples. I thought it was so cute to see them kiss, just like at the ball games. So cute.

Next up was the collage of wedding pictures on the big screen. So very cute. It made me smile.

The sermon even had laughter, even though it always does. My new pastor is a storyteller, and it is always fun to listen to his sermons. I walk away with pages and pages of notes. *grin*

I'm also thankful for a long weekend, as we don't have school tomorrow. I've done some homework tonight, and have even more to do tomorrow.

For now, I will enjoy my season of singleness, read, and cuddle with my favorite little dog. *grin*


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