Saturday, June 18, 2016


This has been quite a week, and I've been deep in thought. I'm typically deep in thought, but don't always blog about it. Tonight, I want to go ahead and blog about what's going on in my head, as I think it's worth posting.

In the past week we've seen some hard things. Many people are in uproar over various issues that I don't want to get into on here. I figure we all have our opinions on various things, and I don't want this blog to become a battle ground over issues. I respect your opinions, and I have mine. We can disagree and still respect each other, so why fight? Naive perspective, I imagine, but still...

The point of this post, however, is about choices. We all take time and make choices everyday. Stop and think for a minute about all the choices you make in one day. Some make choices for themselves, their families, or loved ones that can't decide for themselves. I know as a teacher, there are days I make a gazillion choices and do my best to make the right ones. Fortunately, we're all on Summer Break, so my choices and decisions are significantly lower. *grin*

At the same time, I've thought a lot about the choices of one person last Saturday night/Sunday Morning.

I'm not going to pretend I know what was going on in his head, nor do I want to know. Somewhere in his thinking though, it made sense to him. For that, I am sad for his choice because of all the lives affected.

My heart leaps for the lives lost, and those who went to a club for an evening of fun and never came home.

Over and over again we have seen people make choices that harm others. This isn't anything new, I realize that. However, it has had me pondering lately the big picture of life.

I do know that based upon various choices made by various people in the last 16 years, I don't want to remember the names of those who hurt. I heard an interview this week, and someone said, "I will not name the name of the person who caused this tragedy, as that's what they want."

I stopped and thought for a while in that moment.

Many people, in my short lifetime (yes, I'm still young at heart!), have made destructive choices.

That has made me pause and think tons.

At the same time, I can name people who have made amazing choices that have impacted so many lives. I want to mention a few, as it seems there's been so much heartache recently that we need some positive news, don't ya think?

Camp Barnabas, my favorite place this side of Heaven, was born out of two people who wanted a place for those with disabilities to have a place to call their own. Born with the Lord's help, it has grown into a life changing place for those campers, the families of the campers, the volunteers that show up year after year, and the staffers. Paul and Cyndy Teas are NOT perfect people, but they made a choice to create an amazing place for people with various challenges. The world is better with Camp Barnabas in it.

Two teachers I taught with in my previous district really impacted the entire building I taught in. I know them, they would prefer that their name NOT be used, but, year after year, kids would WANT to be in their classrooms and they learned material in an amazingly supportive atmosphere. They're still teaching today, and I know they continue to bless those they teach.

I cannot name students names on here, but if I want to tell you a story about a boy who struggles with making the right choices in my classroom. While all my students struggle in one form or another with choices, this little guy truly took this year to make it right. He fell from time to time in his attempts, but he and I talked A LOT about choices and how to make the right ones in life. I am proud of him for trying as hard as he did.

My para, QuoteGal, has come light years since I got her almost two years ago. She came in and was negative to the core. She really struggled with the kids initially, as she wasn't used to being around someone like me who laughs so much. Now, she makes choices that make me laugh. Upon returning from Spring Break, a student told her a story, and instead of saying something negative, she said, "Well, of course you did that! That's great!" She doesn't know it, but she's touching lives in our room. Totally.

Choices can be hard.

I get that.


At the same time, we should live our lives to the best of our ability because we only do this thing once. *grin*

Every time I hear of a story like last week's, I think, "He had a choice. The day before he was free, now he's dead, or in jail." That was a choice those people made. Part of me wonders, if they're in jail, if they're like, "um, that was stupid, what was I thinking?"

I remember watching an episode of 20/20 where a gal had killed someone, and she openly admitted it in the interrogation room. Then she freaked out because she was never going home again, and she was going to have to SHARE a cell. My constant thought, "You had a choice before you did it."

I plan to live a long life, and I pray each morning that I will make good choices.

That way I can hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Everything you do is a choice.


Then choose.

In that, you'll do what's right.


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