Thursday, June 02, 2016

Science City, The Royals Game, The KC Streetcar, And The Zoo

This has been an incredibly busy week! *grin* It's also been a fun week, with some of my favorite people on this planet. Yes, I loved every moment of it.

My friends, Kellogg's, came in from Kansas on Monday, and we went out for dinner. It was so much fun to see how much the littles had grown, as well as how tall the oldest had gotten as well. Dinner was fun, and it was such an amazing way to start the week!

Tuesday came, and we were up and moving early because I was going to attend the Royals Game that evening with my family. We went to Science City, and the kids had SO MUCH FUN. We had moments of disagreements with the kids, but overall everyone did well. It was so much fun to see it through their eyes. Oh, and I invited another friend and her son to join us, and the kids enjoyed being with each other. I love Science City, and sharing it with some of my favorite people was priceless. I absolutely enjoyed every moment.

After that, we ate at Fritz's, and the kids enjoyed that too. We have eaten there before, so it wasn't new, but the kids still loved it. We had fun. We walked the link to get there, and walked back. Our friends that joined us invited us to ride the KC streetcar with them. We had enough time, and we were excited to do it, so we did.

I will openly admit, I saw parts of KC I hadn't been to yet simply because I don't get out of the house a whole lot. I also enjoyed the ride itself, and it was a neat experience. It went faster than I expected, and enjoyed learning how the whole system works. I will admit that I've never been on a subway or something like that, so it was fun. It was also neat to share it with one of my favorite little people beside me. It was cool.

We came home, and I explained how to use the cable TV to the Kellogg's before I left for the Royals game. Honestly, it worked well, as my friend had work to do for work, and the kids needed some down time. They knew before they came that I had the Royals Game, so it worked out well and I didn't feel bad for leaving them.

I joined the parents, bro, and sis-in-law and the parent's house. We rode to the game together, and enjoyed a great game. One of the joys of CP is needing help up and down stairs. It humbles me, as I hate to need help, but at the same time it was good for me. I am always touched when my brother stops to make sure I'm okay. At one point I didn't even ask, he just helped me. I'm so blessed by my family. Truly.

We went back to my parent's so that I could get my car, and I went in for my birthday gifts from the parent's. I got, quite possibly, my favorite gift I've ever received. My Mom re-did pics from my childhood and put them in a photo album. She also labeled everything! It is so cool! I stayed and went down memory lane, and was amazed to see my life through high school graduation so neatly put together. I smiled. Best. Gift. Ever. *grin*

Wednesday we got up a little later (we all slept a little later) and met our friends at the zoo. We typically go to the zoo when they come, and it was a hit again! We did the Sky Safari and Africa. It's the Tall Teen's favorite part. My friend's son wanted to show me some things, and I made a point to see what he wanted to show me, which meant more to me than the kid will know. We had moments where I was attempting to juggle everyone's feelings, but it all worked out well. It was a long afternoon, and a good time was had by all! *grin* We were all wiped by the time we got back here, but gosh it was a fun day.

I was touched, as MiddleKid wanted to hold my hand often. He thought he was helping me. He has a heart bigger than the ocean. It was precious. *grin*

We returned back here, ordered pizza, and watched Finding Nemo. *grin* LittleOne didn't want to eat his whole piece of pizza and I taught the family my modified version of the "I believe that we will win" chant. I changed it to, "I believe that you can do it." *grin* It was fun. We were all tired, so it was a perfect ending to the day. Jay is always a highlight for the kids, so he was worn out too, but loved every moment of it too. *grin*

This morning (Thursday) we slept slightly later (I was up at 8:55ish) and enjoyed just hanging out here at the house. MiddleKid sat by me and said, "I'm going to miss you." He was so cute. Such a sweet kid. *grin*

I didn't want them to go, but I know that they needed to go so that their vacation could continue. They left, and Jay wanted to go with them. He even bit me when I got him out of their car. *grin* I tell ya, the dog likes his car rides. *grin*

A little later I texted Kim to tell her that they left some stuff here, and she shared with me a cute story. She said that they got to her parent's house, and they had dinner ready for them. She shared this story with me; as usual, LittleOne didn't want to eat all of his food, and they were encouraging LittleOne to eat. His two older brothers started chanting "I believe that you can do it." *grin* I smiled and told Kim that I was grinning as I read her text. She said that made her laugh. *grin*

All in all, it was a successful trip, in my opinion.

Next up, I'm preparing to go to the happiest place on the planet.



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