Saturday, July 02, 2016


So, I've had this post rolling around in my head, and waited to post it until now. I haven't come to any answers, but thought perhaps my readers could help me understand it. OR, you can realize what I have come to...I don't see the point of one of the most popular Social Media apps, SNAPCHAT.

This past school year, I talked to people who LOVE Snapchat. I was told that Facebook is for old people, and that Snapchat and Instagram are the "in" things. Truthfully, it's probably moved on to Vine and something else I don't even know about right now. I'm fine with that. *grin*

I remember being a teen and thinking, I'll never be out of touch. I'll always know what's cool.

Guess what?

I'm older now, and have to be taught what is cool.

I'm fine with that.

I'm honestly glad that I grew up BEFORE Social Media. I'm also glad I grew up BEFORE cell phones.

Yes, I just wrote those two sentences.

I actually learned how to talk to people and have conversations.

I also had friendships that I still maintain today, with the help of Social Media. *giggle*

Yes, I'm glad we have it now, as it has been an amazing communication tool for me with friends that live elsewhere. I have seen kids that my friends have had, pets, and my friend's parents even stay in touch with me through Facebook. I also keep in touch with camp friends through various Social Media apps.

I consider myself blessed to be alive during this time in history.

See, I do see the advantages of Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. I get it.

The app I don't get is SNAPCHAT.

First of all, why do I need another app to basically text with people? I can do that through all the other avenues of Social Media.

Secondly, why should I have to add all my friends again, when all the people I care about are already on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

So, I decided to do my own experiment. I decided to spend a week just seeing what people posted on Snapchat.

Just like my other apps, people who have the right hearts post appropriate things. Those that struggle with making choices, still struggle with what they post on Snapchat. I wasn't surprised by this, as the same is true on all the other apps.

So, I learned how to navigate the app fairly quickly and without the help of teens. *giggle* I see why teens like it, as parents must physically use their devices (phone, computer, etc) to see what they do, and even if they do it's gone in a short amount of time. I see the teens appeal.

My even bigger concern (because let's be honest, we can control friendships and who we allow on our accounts) was the Stories page where you can swipe to the left and DISCOVER. So, I wanted to see what these teens can discover. I mean, it's geared toward teens, right?

OMGosh. I was saddened.

Yes, I live in a bubble.

I just didn't realize how much of a bubble I choose to live in.

So, one of the stories was "How to give a better *****". The only thing was, they didn't ***** the word. It was there. I clicked on it. Yep, pointers on how to do some things that teens can learn when it's appropriate, not via an app!

What in the world?

Is this where our teens are now? Living in a world where, "Well, it's here with a click on a button."

My heart sank.

My prayer life shifted.

I'm now praying for our youth in a new way.

I realize that not all teens will look there. I also realize that not all teens follow the crowd.

However, what if they're bored? Or have a weak moment?


Just wow.

So, that leads me back to one thing, WHAT'S THE POINT?

Mark what's his name (just didn't wanna misspell his name) made a gazillion dollars off FB. I realize there are TONS of Social Media apps still to come. (Kinda wish I could think of one & get rich)

So, I'm going to pray for our society, specifically our teens.

Perhaps Snapchat will fade away.

I know, that's not likely, but if I'm praying for it, it could happen. *grin*

If you're a parent of a teen, I encourage you to have a dialogue with your teen. Encourage that teen, just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you should. *grin*

Please tell me if I'm missing something, as I know I could be missing something. Seriously, I don't think I know everything. *grin*

In the meantime, I'm going to read my book on my Kindle.

I like my bubble.


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