Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Happiest Place on Earth Needs a Little Help....PLEASE READ!

Thanks for taking a moment to read what I have to share with you tonight, (or today, depending upon when you read this post) as it's something I haven't stopped thinking about since I left Camp Barnabas during Term 1 this year. *grin* I was just waiting for the "go ahead" from leadership on Camp Barnabas Staff before I did this. Recently, I had a message that gave me the okay for this post. *grin* I love my camp family and always want to make sure any communication is okay with them. *grin*

When I was out at camp, the "toys" at the pool didn't work.

Perhaps you're thinking, "How do toys not work?" Please let me explain...

We have four toys that run on water pumps. There are two water falls that the campers can control with a wheel they turn, there's a rope they can pull and make their missionaries stand under a spout to soak them, and my personal favorites are the buckets that the campers can tip to make people get soaked. The pool is my favorite part of camp because the missionaries let the campers get them soaked, when they might not (although some are cool enough, they just might) have the courage to do so in the real world. At camp, it's all about the campers. I love that! These young people come to a place where a disability isn't a hinderance. *grin*

During Term 1 I sat on the edge of the pool and looked A LOT at the toys that are there but not working. I asked the Lord, "Um, how much would it take to fix it?" I never got an answer, but I always prayed when I was at the pool. Those toys are a highlight for those campers. Totally.

So, on the last full day of Term 1, I talked with one of the main leaders about it, to see what I could do to help.

He explained to me that the toys run on four pumps, and the parts are ready to be shipped. He just needs the funding to have the parts installed for the toys to work.

The kicker?

Each pump is $1500.00.

Yep, $1500.00 times four pumps equals $6,000.00.

On one hand, I was like, "Wow, okay." On the other hand, I was thinking, that's nothing for You, God.

Now, I realize that there are so many other people in need, and this has been quite a summer of heartbreak all over in our Nation.

At the same time, perhaps you have a few dollars you can give. *grin*

I asked about a gofundme page, and they actually asked me to promote the webpage and have people click on the "donate" tab. It is a tax deductible donation, and within the page you can designate "Pool Pump Repair" or something similar.


Don't get me wrong, it will be well-spent even if you forget, it's just that there are other needs out at camp that it might go into instead if we don't specify it. *grin*

So, if you can give $1, $5, or even something else, that'd be cool.

Tomorrow I plan to put some items up for sale and will put that money to be donated to the pool toys. I realize they just started Term 5, so Camp is halfway over, but half the Summer will be better than none for the campers to use the pool toys.

So, please consider giving.

If you feel led, go to, click on "donate" and fill in your information. Yes, it's that easy. Please make sure you specify Pool Pump Repair. *grin*

Thanks for reading.

I'm sure you've heard me say it before, but, Camp Barnabas really is the happiest place on Earth I've ever been to. Let's help make Camp even better for the campers this Summer by donating to the pool pump cost!


Thanks for reading!


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