Thursday, August 04, 2016


I've had a post rolling around in my head, and wonder how it will come out into words. Let's just see...

A few years ago I was in Physical Therapy for the first time since I was a kid. In the midst of it, I developed a bunion on a foot, which led to a need for special shoes. I do not regret the P.T., as I now have better balance than before I entered it. The only downfall has been that the new shoes I have been buying cost quite a bit of money. Don't get me wrong, I have the money (not rich, but make decent money) to buy them, but it has been a bummer when I've needed new shoes because it kept me from buying other things like BOOKS. *giggle*

In the midst of the shoe shopping online for the cheapest shoe, I came across a company that had other, similar shoes that cost less. I've tried this several times before, and it hasn't worked out. However, I started getting catalogs in the mail, and I found a shoe I wanted to try.

I ordered a pair, and guess what?


I'm not joking or over-exaggerating.

I wore them all day yesterday, and wound up ordering another pair last night since school starts soon and I will need new shoes.

Words cannot express what a relief this has been for me.


All day today I've been so thankful that He made a way for me to find these shoes.

I know, I know, some women spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on shoes. They even ENJOY spending their hard-earned money on shoes. That's awesome. We all have our favorite little things.

For me, it's been books.

NOT shoes.

However, I can buy 3 pairs of the new shoes for the price of one pair of the other shoes.

Now, you may be sitting there going, "So what?"

For this gal, shoes haven't always been a joyous thing. Not horrid, but not joyous either.

When you live life with a limp (literal, not figurative) shoes are pretty important. *grin*

I don't mind the limp.

Or the money.

The reason I'm posting this (and it's more for me than you, as always) is because something as simple as shoes has made me really happy. Not only do they fit, but they are comfortable and give me more support than the other shoes that I was paying big bucks for. *grin*

I know people who have 30 or 50 or more pairs of shoes.

However, I'm not a girly girl, in case you haven't noticed. *grin*

So, I now have new shoes, glasses, and will do clothes shopping this weekend online.

School is about here, and I'm about to tell you a secret....

I'm EXCITED for school to start.

Don't tell the kids. *grin*

New shoes...yes, it is that easy to make me happy.


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