Sunday, September 04, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Highlights

I realize we have one more day of the weekend, and I LOVE THAT!


I adore my students, and feel incredibly blessed to have the job that I do. At that same time, this weekend I have done a lot of relaxing and I wanted to take a moment tonight and share a few thoughts.

First off, I am hosting a YWAM family for the week. They are here for the conference held here in KC. We have mutual friends who got us in touch with one another, and I am so glad they're here! It's a married couple with three little girls. Oh my gosh, Jay loves the girls! Totally! It is so cute!

There is a two year old that Jay lets do just about anything to him. I have to laugh, as I love kids anyway and you add my dog, and it's so fun.

When I moved here, I wanted to host like this, but over time I have hosted less and less. I prayed over this family, as I was a little nervous, but not too nervous. I knew it would be fine, and it is a blessing to have them here. Truly.

I also REALLY enjoyed church today. I didn't teach, which I did miss, but I enjoyed both Sunday School and service as an adult. The sermon today was exceptionally good, and made me proud to go to church there. Truly.

I also came home and napped. The family was out and about, and I just rested for a while. It was nice. Extremely nice. This will be a busy week, so the rest is wonderful.

Finally, I have just been in deep thought this weekend about some young people that went to Heaven in the past few months. I also think of my second cousin a lot who is also in Heaven. I don't know, I think as the seasons change, I am more in thought about the fragility of life. So many young people went home before I would have chosen them to do so. At the same time, I know He called them there. It simply doesn't make it easier for those of us here. I'm not sure what emotion is in my head, but I just know I've been thinking a lot about them. Those young people may be gone, but they're certainly not forgotten.

Okay, time to take Jay and my book to bed. This whole early bedtime thing is still an adjustment for me. Not bad, just an adjustment. :-)

One more day off. What can I say?


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