Saturday, December 10, 2016


I've been deep in thought over the past month and if I'm truly transparent, I haven't always felt so positive. Therefore, my posting has been in "draft" form. I don't want this blog to be a venting platform, I want it to be inspiring and challenging. My mind rarely stops thinking. This is good and bad, as I am bombarded by the enemy in my mind. I seriously doubt I'm alone in that statement. The enemy knows just how to get at us, and it takes a literal moment of taking those thoughts captive and making it obedient to Him where the enemy loses. *grin* During EACH chapter of my life, that has proven to be true. Hmmmmm, perhaps that's why it's in the Bible. *giggle*

I spend my days with Special Education students and they each bring something amazing to my classroom. Part of what I love about my job is that I am typically in a small group, or teaching 1-on-1. I love that because I can have moments with my students that a regular educator may not. I can tell you every student's family background and what each behavior is telling me.

Behaviors are present in all classrooms, and typically are a non-verbal way of telling us what we're thinking & feeling. I am worn out at the end of the day because I hold all the students accountable for what they're doing, good and bad. Some days are easier than others. Totally.

About two weeks ago, He showed me something while I was teaching a boy that comes from a less-than-ideal home. He was showing me his behaviors in full-force, and I SILENTLY (I never pray out-loud in the classroom with students present.) asked God what was happening.

His answer was something I already knew, but I gained a new perspective of all the kids in that moment. (Love it when He does that!)


I knew that, as 90% of my classroom behaviors from kids are for attention. I knew that.

But then I stopped for a moment and thought.

Perhaps I'm the only legit Christian they've met.

Perhaps I'm the only stable adult that they know loves them and will be here for them day-in and day-out.

Perhaps, unknowingly, they are drawn to me because I love them unconditionally.

They know I'm proud of them.

Everyday. Always.

Even when they mess up. *grin*

I've been blessed in my own life to have people come alongside me that have loved me & encouraged in that way. I don't take words lightly.


I have been blessed this year with some new friends who have been an answer to prayers that they don't even know about.

One of them even took time to write an email that simply said, "I'm always proud of you."

I grinned ear-to-ear, printed it, and kept it. *grin*

I've pondered that with my students daily.

None of us are easy to love ALL THE TIME. Perhaps I'm wrong, maybe you are easy to love ALL THE TIME, as for me though, I can get selfish, tired, and worn out from 5 days of teaching. My prayers have changed though with what He's continuing to show me.

It isn't that I walk around wanting praise, I'm an adult who was brought up in a time when hard work was expected, and rewards were something you earned. I know I'm good at what I do. I've got kids succeeding in life due to what I've taught them. I don't need an "atta girl".

However, He reminded me how good it feels to know someone is in my corner. He has used that to help me in my teaching more than I can explain in words.

No one knows my world until you walk a day in my shoes just as I don't truly know my student's world unless I walk a day in theirs.

This has helped me significantly.

I'm now loving more, encouraging differently, and using words that make the kids feel the love of the Lord in a new way without even using His name. *grin*

We're in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which makes school days character-building for everyone. However, with Him guiding me, I feel blessed. Totally.

I love those kids as my own.


I'm always proud of them. No matter what.


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