Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love on a New Level

Today's post, once again, is more for me than for you.

This past week I was challenged on a new level by a student.

I've had students act out, and have had my fair share of behaviors that God gave me to work with a student on, but this week He initiated me into a new level of love.

I had a kid look at me and say, "No" after I had given a direction. He said he didn't care what I said, he didn't have to do what I said. It was the single most disrespectful moment of my career, as he said more than I will share here.

I came home that night and prayed.

The student and I had a good relationship until that day.

I didn't understand, even though I had tried to reason with the kid, but he wasn't going to let the wall go down at all.

Of course, leave it God to put me in my place. *grin*

I have done the EXACT same thing with God. I have heard His voice and said, "No". Maybe not out loud, but in my heart.

I've seen things and told Him, "Um, please don't choose me for that experience this side of Heaven."

How selfish am I?

That kid wasn't purposely made at me. He simply didn't want to do his assignment or move to a different chair.

I have done the same thing with God.

That evening, I put on my song that is touching my heart in this season, and took time to be with the Lord. I won't share what He said, but I saw a change the next day.

You know what happened?

The next day the kid tried harder and even offered me gum since his class was having Gumapalooza.

Don't get me wrong, he wasn't an angel, but he did what I asked without complaint. To me that's a step in the right direction.

I am learning that moving forward is so much of what life is about. Nothing, this side of Heaven, stays the same for long.

That being said, He requires more of me because I work with young people. Over and over again, this year He's challenged me to love students unconditionally on a level like never before. I have several that are not easy to love, for different reasons.

For instance, that gum offering, that was his apology. Yes, he's used words before, but, he's not from a home like the one I lived in. Apologies are hard for him.

Behavior success takes TIME. When I say time, I mean A LOT of time.

I'll take small steps, no matter how small, as long as they're a step forward.

That kid needs to be cared for unconditionally. God will guide me in it. I won't be perfect like He is, but I will love on a new level throughout this semester.

I can do it, because He loves me that way. *grin*



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