Sunday, May 28, 2017

Daytrips, Camp, and Precious Stones

The past few days have been SO GOOD! I went from working A LOT to get everything done, to sleeping in and relaxing with Jay the Wonder Dog. It has been INCREDIBLY nice. I only knew how much I was working because Jay would stare at me from afar because my laptop was a constant on my lap. Jay and I have enjoyed bonding this weekend. Truly.

Friday I went to Springfield and had a wonderful time with Karen. She is a gift from God, and our afternoon was full of laughter, pizza at the best place ever, and chocolate cake as we watched people and cars go by. It was FUN. I know, you can't get it from reading a blog, but any time I see Karen, I'm blessed. Our friendship is two-way, which is rare these days. Every moment was a joy, and I didn't want to leave. Our friendship is priceless, and I wouldn't want it any other way. *grin*

I spent yesterday getting my house in order. The pitfall of the beginning of May is that the dust gathers because I'm so busy working. The bonus of after school ends in May, I have time to clean my house and feel like a real adult. *giggle* While I was tired last night, it was well worth it to get my house in order. *grin*

I leave this week for Camp, and couldn't be more excited! I am excited for what God has for us out there, and to be back in the Barn-a-Bubble for a week! I love it, and will do another week in July too. Yep, I'm so excited for Summer! *grin*

It wouldn't be a complete blog post without mentioning Precious Stones Ministry this morning. I co-taught with a rock-star team, and we had so much fun! Many of our families (I imagine) were off at the lake! It was SO NICE to have a handful of kids. We all stayed in one room and it was a ton of fun. My favorite moment was when I arrived, and one of our little guys saw me in the window. I bent down and we touched hands, and then he opened the door. IT WAS SO CUTE! I asked him how he was, and he said good, and even said, "How are you?" That's a rare thing, and it was precious. It was also memorable when his favorite helper came and he ran into her! I adore each of those kids. Totally. It was also good to have BlondeGal back with us! *grin*

So this week will be relaxing with friends and preparing for camp. I will finish a book or two too! *grin*

Did I mention I love summer?

I already miss my students, but that's okay. They're in my prayers daily. *grin*

AWESOME. *giggle*

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