Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day #2

Hiiiiiii, again!

Second day in a row to blog. Crazy, right? I mean, I go months and don't make time to blog, off school two days and blog both days. Go figure. *giggle* I will not commit to blogging daily, but I do enjoy it so it will be more often now that school is out. *grin*

My favorite part of break (and we're just two days into this) so far has been not setting an alarm. I'm not sleeping in super late or anything, I just enjoy sleep. *grin*

I will confess I'm not totally done at school. I am, but I'm not. I had to move rooms again, which is part of the joy of my job. However, this move is one that I'm THRILLED about, as I moved into a SPED POD! Yes, we have enough programs that amount to four rooms connected together. I think this will be a gift from God. Totally. *grin*

I have lived on an island of sorts in my world. Obviously, my para is with me and I can't imagine the job without her, so I'm not alone by any means. At the same time, I'd love to have help with some of our littles. I feel like a fish outta water, and I believe the pod will allow for us to share kids and be creative. I ADORE EVERY KID I WORK WITH, so please understand that. I just have some littles that stretch me out of my comfort zone as I am used to big kids.

The crazy part?

I miss the littles already. Go figure. *giggle*

So, I spent the afternoon in my room arranging the room so that it can be used for summer school. I didn't finish, but I almost did. I will go back up tomorrow and finish. Truthfully, I like it without people around. Productivity works really well with music and work put together.

So, the end of the year is character-building for everyone and it's great to be at home with Jay!

Not setting an alarm?


Thank you, God for Summer Breaks. Love my job, but love the breaks too. *grin*


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