Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bethel Breakout and Worship Night

I have been looking forward to today for about two months, and I was so excited for today that I am not sure how to put it into words. My passion for music is deep in me, and when I heard that Bethel Music and House Fires were coming to KC, I ordered tickets the day they went on sale. *grin*

One of my favorite parts about days like today (and very similar to the Barn-A-Bubble) is that what God does in the meetings can't always be explained in words. I mean, I can tell you what happened, but, you won't get the full experience being there. That being said, I write this blog more for me than for you. *wink* So, here's the tidbits I want to grab hold of from tonight.

1. Corporate worship can be powerful and beyond words. We were on row #5 tonight, so that meant I could hear the entire auditorium singing. I LOVED every moment of that. It is Well, Take Courage, and Child of God were among my favorites tonight. For real.

2. Breakout session we were on row #1, and it was also powerful. Worship and getting to know Bethel Leaders was really cool. I'm new to the Bethel World, in a way, so it was cool to hear stories and testimonies. A true Highlight was Gabe, who had us laughing tons. He's Mexican, and I smiled when he got up to preach.

3. Gabe spoke about being able to cheer each other on in the race of life. I do that daily in the classroom, but I took about 4 pages of notes. It was AMAZINGLY well done.

4. The music....gosh, can we rewind and do it again? *giggle* Bethel doesn't disappoint, as we were there....totally there.... The Lord moved on hearts and it was amazingly cool.

5. I love how He brings people from different chapters of my life to these events. I had a friend from my current church, one from two churches ago, and friends from 20 years ago, all in that room. Yes, people are important to me, and I was so blessed to be there with people I love, even if we don't hang out any more. Truly.

6. There was a gal next to me who prayed A LOT for me. While sweet, it was borderline annoying because she thought I was cognitively challenged and spoke to me in ways that made me frustrated at times. That wasn't her heart, and I know that, so overall it was okay. It simply caught me off-guard in a sense.

7. Karen has been here and we enjoyed the experience together. We both had things deposited in us that we're praying about, but, Karen will never know how much I enjoy time with her. We go deep and it totally blesses me.

8. I enjoyed the "House Fires" set too. They opened before Bethel, but have similar hearts toward the Lord in Worship. It was AMAZING.

9. Perhaps my favorite moment tonight was when I looked around and saw hands raised in worship. I typically only experience that during Onething, but, this year he's given me live worship through Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, Hillsong Young & Free, and now Bethel. I love how He knows what we need before we do. *grin*

10. I would LOVE to go to Bethel and experience their culture for a weekend. Karen and I have been praying for a road trip there. I pray that He makes that happen. It would be worth every penny to get there. *grin*

11. Bill Johnson preached briefly about various topics (again, took several pages of notes) and I was inspired by it. He is a deep well, and I was glad he was with us. *grin*

So, I may have more to share, or I may not. I do know that at this point I'm tired and want to crash. *grin*

Thank You Lord, for today. *grin* I loved every moment of it.


AMAZING!!! *grin*

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