Monday, July 03, 2017

Random Thoughts from Me *giggle*

I've been pondering a post for a few days, and have decided to combine several posts into one. As usual, this is more for me than for you. My blog is turning into my online journal, but if you want to continue to read it, that makes me smile. I mean, I'm just a schoolteacher living in the KC Metro, so if you take five minutes to read this, well, I smile. *grin*

On Friday I took an hour drive to spend the afternoon with my college roommate and her two adorable kids. It was a blast to the past as some things just don't change: her amazing laugh, her smile, and her amount of love in her heart. She now has two beautiful little people, and I smile when I think of them now. I remember sitting in a dorm room with her as she shared her deepest dreams of a family of her own. I just smile when I think of our afternoon, because I'm genuinely happy for her. It's hard to put into words how much joy I have in my heart for her and her girls. Last time we got together was right after I moved here, I think. *grin* I hope it's not that long in between visits again. *grin* She's an incredible Mom to her girls, and I'm so blessed to have her as a friend, twenty years later. *grin* Of course, I sit here and think, 20 years? Where did time go? *giggle*

Yesterday I sat at church and found myself amazed (once again, this happens regularly) at my church family. *grin* We celebrated the fourth of July, in an unusual style for us, but I LOVED IT. We prayed over so many things, and I was blown away by my pastor's leadership. I also loved our worship teams mix of all of the standard patriotic songs. My church doesn't do anything half way and I think about that more than I can every explain in words. *grin* I am blessed. Totally. After church I was able to talk to various friends, and I just smiled inside. While I'm single, I'm far from alone, and for that I am blessed.

Gray hair. Sheesh, did this post change mood or what? *giggle* I am getting older, but feel blessed by that. I could do an entire post on young people that went home too soon, in my opinion, so I don't take life for granted. Ever. I have increasing gray hair daily, and am looking forward to my appointment Wednesday for cut and highlights. Gray hair, I will admit it, I've wondered why God allows us to lose the ability to keep our hair color. However, I am thankful to be alive in a time when highlights and such are available. *giggle*

Camp is around the corner again! I have so many bittersweet feelings this year. The camper I adore that typically comes the same week I do, has switched to the lake this summer. I'm happy for her, truly, and will miss her this year. Totally. *giggle* I also have mixed emotions because Summer is flying by. I'm already praying into my next school year, but I am REALLY enjoying this Summer Break. Last school year was character-building in various ways, so I have worked at relaxing this Summer. Yes, to a gal who works from 8:30am-9-ish in the evening, nine months out of the year, relaxing is actually hard. *giggle* That being said, I am looking forward to another week in the Barn-A-Bubble, to be recharged for the upcoming school year. It's hard to explain how that happens, but it does. Totally. *grin* I've been praying for the upcoming week for quite a while. It's gonna be good. *grin*

Jay hates my phone, laptop, or anything else that may take attention away from him. It's cute, really, because when I put my electronics down he's immediately in my lap. He's a smart little guy, as he got his leash caught this morning on something, and he knew to go back and walk around it to get lose. He's so smart it's crazy. I love the little guy, totally. *grin*

I'm currently getting caught up on some shows. I love the show Born This Way, and it's so fun to follow these adults with disabilities on T.V. They are so funny, trying to figure things out. It's been fun.

I also started watching (from the beginning) Night Shift. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do, so it's fun to have a new show to watch. I watched around ten episodes yesterday and stopped it. I think I needed a break, but do enjoy the show. I've always liked medical shows, and realize they lack the real life aspect in them. I kinda like that too. I mean, I couldn't watch it otherwise. *grin* I am a little squeamish. *giggle*

Sonya and I have plans for later this week, and that makes me happy. We are tentatively scheduled to do Worlds of Fun again. We both bought passes on the condition that we would actually use them. *giggle* We've gone twice, and it's been so fun having a friend who also likes roller coasters. I'll admit it, the older I get, the more nervous I am at high heights. However, singing Jesus Loves the Little Children as we climb the tall hills is helpful. *giggle*

So, it's already July 3rd. I used to really enjoy the fourth as a kid. My family would go to a friend's house and we would play with the other kids. My brother and his friend LOVED fireworks, so they shot most of them off. It was tons of fun, and I looked forward to it when I was a kid. Now, not so much... I now have Jay, and the loud booms catch him off-guard. He has done okay this year, but, when the LOUD booms hit and we both jump, he moves to my lap. It's cute and annoying all at the same time.

Finally, I'm really into Words with Friends this Summer. I have always enjoyed it, but this Summer I have gotten a smudge better at it. I still lose more than I win, but, I enjoy playing. So, if you wanna play me, send me a request. I have even played more than I've read books (gasp!) but it's been fun. *giggle*

So, Summer 2017 is really good. I plan to enjoy this last month, as August is around the corner. I do miss the students, more than I'll ever tell them, and will be ready in August. For now, I'm going to close my laptop and get caught up on my Words with Friends games. *giggle*

There's a firework celebration I'm invited to later, but I am leaning toward staying home with Jay. Tonight and tomorrow night are our least favorite days of the year.

AWESOME. *grin*

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