Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Family VBS, Life Changing for Me

So, Monday, Tuesday, and tonight we had VBS for the kids of our church. Although, if you know my church at all, we don't do anything half way, so VBS looked a little different this year. I love the heart of the leadership I'm serving with, as they wanted to help FAMILIES grow together in the Lord. I LOVED THAT! TOTALLY! So, parents AND kids made their way through various stations and experiences. We used MOST of the kids wing, and the main auditorium too! It was awesome!

Last night, I made a point of walking through the "Refugee Camp" that they had built behind my church. I'll admit it, I've seen pictures on TV, but that experience rocked me to the core. The "home" was a tarp-covered area where up to 20 people can live inside because there's not birth control, so some families grow to be really large. I stood there as we heard three stories (none of which would I share details publicly, as the people sharing information need to be kept safe) of people's lives that I can't even wrap my head around. My heart shifted for the people trying to flee from an area that isn't safe for their families. Yes, I am rocked to the core, in a good way.

As I got into bed last night, I prayed for those living in those camps. I'm not called to go there to serve, but I am called to pray for them. *grin*

I served by keeping an eye on our Precious Stones rooms. Since it was a family VBS, we let our families with kids with sensory needs to come in and play. While we weren't super busy, it was nice for some of the families to get a break and have a little down time. It was also cool because I go to say, "Hello" to all the families as they went to the Food Pantry Experience. I loved it!

At 7pm each night, we had a service for the families, and it was full of games, prizes, and we learned more about Jesus. It was memorable each night for different reasons.

The first night, Pastor James gave a great talk on being at home where God plants you. It was awesome. We had balloons fall from the ceiling, which was SO MUCH FUN. It was a really cool memory for all of us. *grin*

Night #2 was glow night, which was fun. I loved the games, music, and message. It was about stepping out and into what He's calling us to do. It was really cool.

Tonight was great, as Pastor James shared his heart about family VBS and our church's heart for all people to be brought to Christ, no matter where they live. *grin* We also had little parachutes with people fall from the ceiling. What a GREAT way to help VBS stick, with PURPOSE being the word for tonight.

I've been at my church for a year and a half, and I'm still in awe of how God moves there. I'm amazed at how much I take for granted, even down to the fact I can have the freedom to choose who to worship this side of Heaven.

I'm not going to forget this year's VBS. It was for the kids, sure, but gosh He taught me a lot in those three days.

I love my life, and I am blessed beyond my comprehension. *grin*


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