Saturday, October 07, 2017

Dear Kelah

Dear Kelah,

Your celebration of life today was one I will never forget. You weren't one of my students, but I knew you. You don't know that I noticed you when you were alive, but I did. I enjoyed hearing the stories today about you, and I was so blessed to hear how much you impacted those around you. You were loved incredibly well this side of Heaven, and it's clear you're loved well on your Celebration of Life Day. I saw SO MANY people come to the service, and wasn't surprised at all. When I walked into the service and saw the sign "Seats 110", I thought, "That's not enough..." I was so glad I was right. *grin* It was standing room for some of the attendees, which was a testament of the love people have for you and your family. Staff Members that are no longer working at our school came to celebrate your life too. We're pretty blessed to have such a cool family at school that would all come and support your family. Truly. Mrs. Pickard sat by me, and it was truly a blessing to share that with her and my new friend, Mrs. Williams. You touched so many lives, and I'm so glad you were honored so well today.

I loved the stories people shared that the Celebration today, and want to add one more here. I mean, I'm sure it would have taken HOURS for everyone to share, so I want to put one here. *grin*

Since I know your brother, I was always blessed by the love he has for you. When he would walk down the hall where your class was last year, he LOVED to stop and wave at you. He would knock on the window sometimes, and we trained him not to do that so it wouldn't interrupt that classroom, but, it was so cute and evident how much he looked up to you. He adores you, and I guarantee you that you won't be forgotten this side of Heaven if your brother has anything to do with it. *wink*

You will be missed this side of Heaven, that's for sure. Death is a natural part of life, but unexpected death seems harder. I plan to support your family the best I can, in any way they will let me. I've been sending your Mom encouragement quotes, via text messages, each night before I go to bed, and hope that's helping her.

I can only imagine how wonderful things are there. Please don't worry about your family here. They have an incredible support system, and our school family will continue to help in any way we can to help in the days, weeks, and years to come.

I know the holidays are coming, and I've been praying for your family in that. I'll be praying that your brother and sister are happy and that love prevails in the heartache that is to come.

Love. That's the point of it all, isn't it?

Don't worry, we'll be okay. We know you're in the best place possible, at Home. *grin*

Miss Springer

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