Monday, July 09, 2018

An Answered Prayer-I GOT A JOB!!!

I have been looking forward to writing this post for a week now. *grin* It just seems right that I would get my new job while serving at Camp. I mean, living out at the happiest place this side of Heaven, and finding out I got a job with the company I had prayed for, well, it makes it even sweeter. *grin* (English majors, keep your thoughts to yourself on that last sentence. I like it that way, and am keeping it. *wink*) Now I will share what happened and how excited I am to be starting my next chapter of life one week from today. *grin*

I resigned from my teaching job the Friday before Spring Break. It was a tough decision, but clearly what I was supposed to do. After working nights & weekends on paperwork, it was time for a change. I didn't realize it until then, but I was burned out. I thought I knew what burnout was, but I didn't. Let me emphasize IT WASN'T THE KIDS. I will forever love the kids God placed in my path, and they will get Christmas Cards from me until they don't want them anymore. *grin* They made getting up daily and going to work my favorite part of the job. Truly.

At the same time, God and I did a lot of talking over Spring Break. I stepped out in a way I hadn't before because I had always quit a job with another one lined up. I should also make note (more for me than for you) that I spent ALL of Spring Break on paperwork. I canceled my Barnabas trip to get paperwork done. That broke my heart, and I won't let that happen again if I have any control over it. I can't explain it totally, but I will say that I was at peace with leaving my job. I know that peace came from God, because my mind would have had a field day with the whole financial aspect of it. I will openly admit I was being intentional with my money and spending with the logic that my pay would end in July. My parents did an amazing job teaching me to save on even the most limited income. Thanks, Mom and Dad! *grin*

From that day in March until last Monday, I spent A LOT of time online job searching on my couch. The world of job searching has changed a lot since 2009, and there was a learning curve that I had to walk out in order to figure out what job I did want. I knew I wanted to continue working with people in the Special Needs Community. It's clearly what He made me to do. *grin*

I interviewed for SEVERAL jobs along the way. I purposely didn't post job interviews and results on social media. I wanted to walk out this season with style. *grin* I will openly admit, those closest to me had texts to pray, and that was all I needed to share.

In April & May I interviewed with a company here in KC that works with people with disabilities. I am purposely not sharing the name of the company because I read my manual last night, and part of working there is keeping the name private. *grin* Gotta love life in 2018, as there are all sorts of laws now regarding social media and blogs. *grin*

Anyway, I interviewed in April & May and fell in love with the company. In my first interview, I was told that this company does not allow their employees to work nights and weekends. (Unless there's an evening event, and my hours would be altered to still be 40 hours per week) That was what made me think, "God, this is what I want." Well, I didn't get the job, but there was an amazing email sent to me that said if they had openings in the future that they would contact me. While that made me smile, I knew I couldn't bank on that. So, my search continued. I spent HOURS online, and will openly admit I checked that company's website daily for openings. I applied for another job there, but wasn't contacted, which was fine. I knew I wasn't truly qualified, I just wanted my foot in the door. *grin*

Of course, God was in control and what happened next was what was supposed to happen. *grin*

I met a friend for lunch the Friday before I left for Term 5 out at Camp Barnabas, and my phone was in my purse at the time. I make a conscious decision when I'm with friends to leave the phone in the purse so I can spend ALL MY TIME with them. When I got in my car, I checked voicemail. Are you ready for this?

The HR gal from that company I REALLY want to work at, had left a message and said that they had an opening and I would be a good fit!!! I literally squealed in my car. *giggle* She said she was going to send me the job description and I could let her know. I checked email, and it wasn't there. I was so jazzed by the voicemail that I called her back anyway. *giggle* I told her I was interested, even though I hadn't read the description yet. *giggle* She asked me if I could come in the following Monday at 9am for an interview. In the back of my mind, I was like, "I'M AT CAMP." At the same time, I was fine with that. It would be worth it to drive back for the interview with this company. *giggle*

So that's what I did, I went to camp and did everything pre-camper that we do and I let everyone know I was leaving but coming back. Everyone was SO encouraging! It made the experience even sweeter. *grin*

Oh, the HR gal did send me the job description and it is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. I would still be working with people with disabilities, just in a series of other ways rather than in a classroom day in and day out. *grin*

So I drove back Sunday Night early enough to go to bed early and not be tired for my interview. It was strange to be here without Jay, but it was such a short trip that it was okay. *grin*

I got up Monday, and went to the interview. It wasn't an interview as much as, "Here's what you would do if we hired you. Would you enjoy that?" I smiled. I totally saw why the HR gal I would be good for the job. At the conclusion of the interview I walked out, and the gal I met with said she'd meet with the HR gal and she would be in touch. I said "Okay". I didn't think to ask WHEN I would know...until I was driving back to L.S. *giggle*

So, I came home, changed, and emailed the HR gal and the gal I met with and asked. I loaded up the car and headed back to camp. I will openly admit that on each red light, I checked my email. I had been told previously that an email was bad and a phone call was good. No email from the HR gal, so I considered hope alive. *grin*

I was about 20 minutes outside of Lamar when my phone rang and it was the HR gal. She couldn't hear me well and asked me to call her when I got to my destinations. I said, "Okay". That would have been over an hour to camp. I couldn't stand it and exited at Lamar at the DQ to find out. I said a short prayer before calling, and then called.

The HR gal was so positive and offered me the job immediately. I said, "Yessssss!" Then I forced myself to calm down and talk through when to report to work and what needed to happen beforehand. I wanted to scream, but did a pretty good job of playing it cool. *grin*

I texted my family and let them know. I think my Mom was going to lose it if I went to ANOTHER interview and didn't get the job. *grin* I was so glad to finally give her the good news.

Upon arriving at camp, people were celebrating with me, and it just added to the memories for this chapter. *grin* I had hugs, pats on the back, and congratulations from everyone who knew about it all. *grin*

I'll admit, I didn't let many people know about this interview beforehand because I was gonna be bummed if I didn't get it and I did't want to have to say, "I didn't get it" again. *grin*

I was offered jobs along the way, don't get me wrong. However, they were all for SPED classroom jobs, and I needed a change. I didn't want to settle just to have a job. I wanted THE job, even when I didn't know what that would be. I learned tons through this four month process:

1. True peace is possible with God in a job search when money will possibly run out first.
2. I am loved very well. I could make a list of people who checked in on me regularly without me prompting them. I am blessed because of that.
3. I could have settled in fear and taken any of the jobs beforehand, I just knew I needed a change.
4. I don't have to share every little detail with everyone in my online world. The people that believe in God and prayed for me knew via text.
5. God is faithful, even when we don't see the end of the tunnel.

I could keep going on and on, but will stop there. If there's more for me to write, I will. In a world of Social Media, I have learned some things can be just between God and me. *grin*

I start work one week from today at 8:30. For the first time in a long time, I am excited to be back at work. I realize I just lost my Summer in taking this job, but I'm good with that. For a single gal, Summers can feel long sometimes. I'm ready to be meeting people and learning my new job.

Oh, and the bonus? I CAN WEAR JEANS DAILY OR SHORTS THAT GO PAST MY FINGERTIPS. Daily. (Occasionally I will be dressing up for events, I know, but that is from time to time.) THIS NEWS MADE ME SMILE!!!

I will also get to keep serving at Camp with a generous PTO program! *grin*

I will also get to keep attending Onething, as we take Christmas to New Years off. *giggle*

It was like God knew that I hate to dress up, love serving at Camp, and Onething in December, and went, "Here ya go." *Yess!*

I look forward to so many things, but for now I need to go. I have various appointments to make and people to get with this week before I'm a working girl again!



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