Monday, November 26, 2018

November 2018 Blizzard

Soooo I wanted to take a moment and share about something that I think we'll be talking about years from now. It's not earth shaking or anything, but I would like to remember this years from now. *grin*

Thanksgiving Week crept up on me and I had a very nice time with my family. I also spent some time with a college friend on Wednesday Night, so the ice cream and conversation led us into a great Thanksgiving Day. The time with parents and family was very nice.

I came home and kid sat on Friday. We spent two hours at the McDonald's play place. The kid loved it, and it wore him out. I had to smile, he fights sleep but he just crashed on my couch when we returned. *grin* He opted to stay home Saturday which led to a day on the couch for me. *grin*

I had a pajama day on Saturday, with talk of a big snow storm coming in on Sunday. I'll be honest, when they initially talked about it, I was skeptical. 2011 was the last huge storm we had, so I wasn't sure what to think, but made sure I had milk and bread. *grin* By late Saturday Night, I knew it would be bigger than I previously thought. *grin*

Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up and a friend who was serving with me at church texted and asked if I thought they would cancel church. I knew my pastor wouldn't cancel. He never does. I watched the 8am service online and then prayed that no one would come at 11:15 for our Sunday School class. I also stopped by and got toilet paper on the way to church. I mean, you gotta get what's important. *giggle*

I got to church and went straight to serve. Upon arriving, one student was leaving with her family, and no one was there. My co-leader arrived and we never said it outloud, but we prayed silently that kids wouldn't come so we could beat the storm home. The gal in charge told us to wait until 11:20 and then we could go. I will honestly say that was the least number of kids I've ever seen in our kids wing and NO ONE CAME for Sunday School in our room. We left right away! *grin*

I do want to mention as I was leaving a young man I used to tutor was walking with his Mom. They stopped and said "hi". The young man hugged me and we talked briefly. He is in a good family, and he is already growing into a handsome young man. Our brief chat made me smile. *grin*

I came home and Jay and I settled in for the storm. It was a blizzard, our first one in years, and I loved it. I also prayed that I wouldn't lose electricity. It worked. I worked my way through my DVR by alternating between Law & Order SVU and Ellen. I am so far behind on Ellen that it's a treat to get to laugh in between SVU episodes. *grin* I started the weekend with my DVR at 91%, now I'm down to the lower sixties. *grin* I've loved it.

I used today (Monday) as a PTO Day because we had about 4-5 inches of snow in my yard. Jay isn't thrilled with the snow, but it works for me as his outside breaks are super short. *giggle* He has to be out front because our back door is snowed in and can't be open. *grin* Christmas Cards have been worked on too, so it's been a productive weekend. *grin* I've loved it.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to go into work. I've loved this, but cabin fever is starting to set in. *grin*

I think the 2018 Blizzard and no one showing up for Sunday School were both memorable. I realize my life isn't super exciting, but I am enjoying it. After all, I don't have any homework from work. *giggle*

Totally. *grin*

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