Saturday, August 10, 2019

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! *giggle*


I promised one of my loyal readers that my next post would be the good news I hinted at in my last post. I have spent the past year looking for a new place to live. If I'm totally honest though, I didn't look super hard. I love this house that I've been in for this long. *grin* It's home.

Since I had to switch offices, my drive has become super long. It's not horrible, I have podcasts and music. I am closer to the Lord today than I was before this chapter began, which is super cool. As this season has continued, I knew. I just knew it was time.

So for most of July, I spent time looking at apartments. I haven't been in an apartment in 15 years, so it's been an interesting journey. It's not just an apartment now, it's workout rooms, pools, and dog parks. Some apartments even have playgrounds for little people. *grin* I was laughing as I continued the search, because all I wanted was an apartment. *giggle*

What I didn't expect to find were super kind people. Everywhere I went, people were super friendly and answered all my questions. I was often nervous which makes my leg more stiff, and more than one person offered a hand or a shoulder to lean on. In a world full of hard stuff in various aspects of our society, that was refreshing to me. Totally. *grin*

So one week ago today, I went to a complex and immediately felt good about it...Actually, I am EXCITED about where I'm going to be living. I hadn't felt that so far in the journey. *grin*

So I applied for a one bedroom that had a private patio and dog area out back. It was going to bring me in BELOW what my budget was set at. I put the money down via computer on Monday. I was SO EXCITED. On the drive home from work Monday I received a phone call. Apparently someone beat me to applying for the apartment I wanted. *giggle* The gal who called me from the complex was nervous when she initially told me about the issue but said she hoped we could work something out.

I was bummed but not heartbroken. The complex has hundreds of apartments, so I knew I wouldn't be homeless. *grin* I haven't given notice where I am anyway. So, I swapped emails with the gal who was my contact at the apartment community. Through the emails I was upfront and just asked what was available in the next few months on the first floor. *giggle*

She offered me two different apartments, a one bedroom and a two bedroom. I spent all day Wednesday pondering & praying. The goal was to shorten the drive AND work my way out of debt. I want to be able to retire eventually and travel the U.S. debt-free. *grin* The footage of the one bedroom didn't give me peace like the two bedroom did. So, I emailed and applied for the two bedroom. I wasn't worried, but knew not to say anything officially until it all went through. *grin*

I got the news Friday! I've got it! *grin*

I'm not moving until the beginning of October, so I have time to clean out all the junk I have so I can go from a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhouse to a two bedroom apartment. It's going to be a lot of work, but I have time to take care of it all. *grin*

No it's not marriage or anything big like that. But it's a start of a new home and chapter. For me, that's a blessing. *grin*

Oh, and He answered my prayers. They waived part of the deposit due to the mixup on the initial apartment AND it is lower rent than what the internet shows it should be. He doesn't leave any details out, does He? *grin*


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