Saturday, February 01, 2020

Chiefsmas Eve

I sit here tonight and I'm smiling. I know you can't see it, and that's okay. Today was a lot of fun.

I started the day at McDonald's with a former student, his Mom, and a former staff member. We got caught up, but honestly, my favorite part of it was playing with my former student's Happy Meal toys. We were loud, obnoxious, and had a ball. *giggle* I'm blessed to be able to still have those people in my life. Truly.

Afterward, I was headed to Wal-Mart and a friend called and asked me if I wanted to go take pics around KC due to the upcoming big game tomorrow. I said yes, and we went tonight. It was crazy, but it turned out to be TONS of fun. We drove around getting various pics, and wound up at Union Station. It was CRAZY busy, but it was a night I'll never forget. We even did a spontaneous streetcar trip. We talked, laughed, walked, took a ton of pics, and just shared an evening. I can see it already, ten years from now I'll remember tonight and smile. My friend doesn't know how much she blesses me. Time with her is time well spent. Always.

So tomorrow night (Sunday, February 2) is the big game. Win or lose, this town has come together in some very special ways. Ah, who am I kidding, I want us to win. *giggle*

So, you might be wondering why I share this blog. It's more for me than you. Tonight I knew I was making memories, and I wanted to make sure I remember them.



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