Thursday, June 21, 2007


I played hooky today. Well, sort of. I got a sub and went to an amusement park about 90 minutes from here, and had a BLAST! I was reminded today of a movie. Unfortunately I can't recall what movie it was off of, but in it a key character is discussing amusement partks and how some people settle and only ride the rides that are anchored to the ground but never really go anywhere. And, in the movie, he stated that the real people living life are those who get on roller coasters and are willing to face fear and the ups and downs and twists and turns and everything in between on the ride. Years ago that impacted me, and forced me to face my fear years ago of roller coasters. And today, I was reminded of how much fun life can be. I rode this one coaster, Wildfire, 5 times today, and four of those times were in the front car. Today this was an accomplishment for me as I only do the front car if I am completely secure in the ride. My cousin turned to me and said, "front car?" And I was like, yeah, life isn't meant to be lived completely safe, it's mean to be lived free of fear. And, wildfire has everything, loops, twists, turns, and I loved every second of it! We rode other rides of course, but the highlight was wildfire. It is my prayer that everyone, whether it be a roller coaster or something else, live as free as I felt today on that coaster.

Life is good. :-)

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